Ultra unlock 3 - is this good?

Well outside my knowledge or blog reading, what the hell does all this mean?

It means Gen 8 officially arrives in PoGo (skipping Gen 7 for whatever reason, and I‘m not QUITE counting the Galarian forms as Gen 8 release). Zacian will be interesting, as it has the potential to be a strong Fairy type attacker (though it lacks a Fairy type Fast Move), Zamazenta could become a menace in Master League, both of them will probably escalate once we get their Crowned forms, Shinys are Shinys, and the rest are 2 of the first Route Mons + evos and a random single-stage Fighting type Mon that will most likely not have any impact on the meta.

Hope that clears up some stuff.


In a word “Yes”. Thanks for that. :grinning:

DEFINITELY came out-of-the-blue with this one! Good on ya’ Niantic! :scream_cat:
Without knowing the movesets of these 'mon…no idea. It is surprising, which is cool, but until more info comes out we don’t know if it’ll be just a “gotta catch 'em all” weekend or if there’ll be any permanently added to our rosters. I agree with @PokeprofJulian that Crowned forme Zamazenta could be OP in ML…if it gets good moves. Zacian has the age-old problem of many a Fairy: no good fastmove available. But even so, with Psych Cut or Snarl it could be decent.

Zamazenta, however, will only be on-par with Excadrill as a Steel-type raider. PvP-only is the best case. But at least we get to bring out our Mewtwos and birds!

My takeaway from this:

Niantic: everyone sure is mad about the distance interaction nerf.

Also Niantic: divert attention with new shinies and dogs!


Why compare Zamazenta with Steel types? The regular forme is pure fighting type.

The page of Zacian already includes a list of possible moves. From a PvE perspective, both Zacian and Zamazanta are useless, thanks to lacking STAB fast moves. They will probably become poor cousins of Xerneas and Justice Trio.

I kind of wish they would stop adding Pokémon until they can figure out how to have more than 10-20 species spawn at a time


PvE that is. Literally nothing in that list is usable in raids.

Even if you have Psycho Cut/MoonBlast/Crunch for Zacian or Snarl/Close Combat/Iron Head for Zamazenta, it’s still not worth it for raids.

Also Zamazenta is pure fighting type. It has no Steel type unless it transforms.

Bear in mind that the Crowned Sword/Shield are in battle temporary formes in MSG, so will be probably treated as mega in GO. Hence they can’t be used in GBL. Even if one day they’re allowed, they have to compete with those mega/primal mon, not optimistic in a league where Mega Swampert is likely everywhere.

Because it has no STAB Fighting-type moveset so the only PvE potential would be from Steel-type. Shoulda probably ran it with that form on the DPS spreadsheet but honestly it wouldn’t be much different. :man_shrugging: Point is: its terrible in PvE.

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Or just make their mind up, are we having seasons, events, themes, weather boosts or generations?

Not sure about that. The transformation is item based, like Giratina, but yet Giratina-O is a seperate Pokemon. Sure, the Crowned Forms have higher stats than the Hero forms, but I don‘t think that that will be reason enough to treat them as Megas, especially because the transformation doesn‘t even happen in battle (for that matter, the transformation doesn‘t happen at all, since they will immediately be in their Crowned formes in battle as long as they carry their items).



Heads up, Trainers! It’s the Season of Weather Boosted Generation Themed Event Weekend Hour! If you’re lucky, you may even encounter a Shadow Shiny Galarian form that knows this exclusive move which if you would just go to the blog you would be able to read about, obviously


The fact that Gen 5 isn’t even finished yet (let alone G6 or G7) and now here comes Gen 8 is laughable. But I personally welcome any new stuff at all, even if it includes another Bidoof clone. :crazy_face:


Giratina can keep the Origin forme out of battles, but Zacian/Zamazanta not. They’re essentially the same case as Primal Kyogre/Groudon. I’m very sure we won’t be able to have multiple such alternate formes with improved total MSG stats. Deoxys, Giratina and Nature Trio are a different story.

looks at Hoenn badge that’s one away from platinum

cries in Kecleon


Wow, new shinies… moving on to something remotely interesting…

Oh, wait… I got nothing!

I’m more curious where the interesting bonuses of yesteryear went… such as double/triple stardust.

At least we get to look forward to the Eevee CD… oh, hang on

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I’m happy Rhyhorn is back in the wild this season as I need the XL candy. I look forward to the 10 days or so in the 3 months that I’ll get to catch it