Ultra unlock day

Don’t tell Niantic, but I enjoyed this. It had the feel of some of the events from four or five years ago - plenty of tasks, with a variety of things to do, and a reasonable number of shinies. I got four of each in the two hours that I could play from around 45 stops. I’m happy with that after a poor couple of Com days.

The only negative (for some) was the lack of Tyrunt and Amaura spawns. I saw only five Amaura and three Tyrunt while I was out. I’m not too bothered as they’re only dex fillers and I have enough candy to evolve, but I’d have expected a few more than that.

Hope the rest of you also did OK.

Glad you are happy! I personally didn’t think it was a very good event, certainly not as good as previous “Adventure Weeks” led me to expect. The only real perks were: shorter incubator distance, and neat 7km eggs. Beyond that, it was a real bust. The spawns weren’t any good (that counts for today’s “special” and the whole event) and the research tasks were meh (usually my feeling on those TBH). I am personally quite glad to have bought the GO Fest ticket last year and not for 2022 because the “bonuses” and such are definitely not as good. Glad people are happy though! Can’t complain about that. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I thought yesterday was pretty good all-in-all and I was pleased they kept the usual 10/1 type shiny rate. I saw plenty of Tyrunt and Amaura and given neither is exactly a powerhouse in either side of the game, coupled with the 7k (3.5k) eggs etc from the full week, it was more than enough to evolve a few of each by today.

My only complaint, compared to previous days, some of the tasks were very city-centric. Battle in a gym, do a raid, use a SE charge move, all only really doable in volume in cities or, in cities where you can easily discard one for another. Yes, the SE charge move could be done in GBL but that’s another laborious task in itself on a limited time day. Battle in a gym is difficult in a small town with only a few gyms and requires an opponent gym (which are reduced each time I do a task) and with a finite number of stops in walking distance, it turned into a bit of an admin exercise trying to remember what I’d spun and not and if I needed to go back across town to try and pick up 3x battle in a gym etc.

The “raid” task was, again, annoying in our town as it meant you either had to waste a pass on a T1-3, or hold a task while people sort out a raid. A problem everywhere would be that after your free pass(es) were gone, you either went without or spent a premium - of course in a city you can simply bin that task and get another one from the next stop 20 yards away.

I appreciate there’s a balance and that the previous “Catch 3 X” were formulaic and easily raced through, but a bit of thought could have evened the playing field a bit. Ultimately, this is the same old Niantic problem, cities first, token apology and if you’re lucky, the ever empty “we’re working on things” to those outside cities.

For all my complaining above, I got good shinies of both and Sunday was, for me, a decent event, if a bit like work at points towards the end.

The Adventure Week event as a whole was alright but suffered from the ever-increasing problem that Niantic simply don’t have that much left to offer us, especially for free. The well of Pokemon is running dry and if they’re going to keep selling those 4xquarterly and 2xannual tickets, they have to hold back something.

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