Um... Okay Aether Raids

All of the Wrys are level 1 with no investments. The Sharena is invested in, but… I’ll take that juicy 131 lift! Thank youuuuu!

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I had a similar matchup today. A single 1 Star Wrys. And I bet double Aether so I was super happy to get an effortless 282 Lift.

282 LIFT!? what team did you use!?

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My usual Light Season squad – it’s Earth/Light season so Tiki counts as being Light blessed.

But what made the difference was I bet double Aether. As of I think last month’s update, you can choose to use twice as much Aether before you start a match, and if you succeed, you will get twice as much Lift. But if you mess up, the penalty is twice as bad. Think of it as a double or nothing type deal.

So, that’s literally the chapter from the Manga. Lol.

Somebody likes their memes.


Ah okay. That makes more sense.

282 isn’t THAT much… I score 332 with mine

An optimal team has 2 Mythics, a bonus, and everyone having that Mythic’s blessing. Hitting 320 on a double battle with that.

+6 on a Mythic must be nice ):

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One Eir is +4 and the other is +2, because my +spd Eir was -atk so I didn’t merge her at first until after the merge changes eliminated banes

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When everyone scores things like 280 and 320 but you only get 220

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The cons of double dipping, you take double the losses.

-Atk could be helpful though if you need to secure an Aether Pot… Unless you use your Eir as an offensive unit.

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Oh, I’m aware my setup is suboptimal, but I only have one Eir and I don’t care about high tier placing (which is why my Eir is merged). As long as I can keep my comfy spot in T18, scoring is not a huge deal. I was just happy because easy lift now means future screw ups matter less.

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You’re probably right… but I do like my offensive Eirs even though they’re Chill/Smite bots most of the time



That’s why I never use the option.

It’s good for when you’ve got your ladder remaining. One unit loss you can generally live with, but two is the equivalent of losing four and at that point you should have auto-surrendered.


Man now I’m reminded of Holdvar and his Wrys, now I’m sad

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Also I’m pretty it’s a reference to this from the FEH manga