Um, when was this guy added?

Just free summoned on the tempest banner hopping for a nino, got only blues.
I’ve never seen this guy in game ever before… was he featured on any banner? And why is his kit, so power crept. I get he’s a solo, but …damn …all three passive slots… ?i thought soloing was more a fallen unit thing.


Same banner as Igrene. Completely overshadowed by Igrene’s presence and the fact that Sirius came out prior to him as a better lance cavalry.


Oh, right! I wanted Echidna from that banner… I probably forgot with all the new characters as of late. At least shes in the four star pool now…

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Yep. Everyone either wanted Echidna (who was the obvious demote), Larum (cute dancer with a Dragon effective dagger), or Igrene (premium fodder and assets).

Perceval was just kinda, there

EDIT: Oh wait, he has good fodder. Basically a manual.


I tried to pull him, but it didn’t go well, he has pretty good skills so you can always fodder him if you don’t need him

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I’m on the fence. His kit is amazing, especially has a cav. But I don’t care much for the character. Imma try him out in the tower, and maybe aether raids testing.


Good for you


Thank you.


People didn’t talk a lot about him because B!Eliwood and Sirius were released just before him and with similar weapons (conditional spectrum +4), but compared to the two first, he’s a bit less offensive but has better mixed bulk. And his stacked base kit helps to set himself apart from them. So a really nice free summon for you.

Looks like yours is +atk -spd, just slap some spd based seal on him and he’s good to go :ok_hand:


Congrats, you got the best lance cav in the game! :feh_nino:


Na lol
Who need allies when you can stack stats and nullify the enemies bonus or cancel there doubles :joy:

^Basicly this

Have been using Perceval with close def seal and Aether.
It’s kinda amazing on how well he duels.

Due to his spd and mixed bulk Percy is one of the most flexible units in the game and really makes great use out of the high mobility of cavaliers.


Lmao, not long ago.

I actually wanted him over everyone else from his debut banner and I did get him in 100 orbs. -HP +Res.

And let me tell you something. Imo, he’s one of the most fun lance cavs in the game.

Top tier fodder too. If I could whale for someone for their fodder, it would be Perceval.

Almost too good fodder, both his b and c skills are good, but i can’t have both without just keeping him.

I actually need loads of copies of him.

Because I have a chunk of units that want his B or C.

Correction: It’d be 2 units I’d whale for their fodder.
Perceval and Winter Young Zephiel.
Bellringer+ and Def/Res Gap are juicy.