Umbreon duo

Just failed at Umbreon duo with weather boosted Machamps all above level 33. Raid guide needs an update

Thank you for your sacrifice. I was gonna try and do the same thing later today. Tanky ebon boi.

If you look at Pokebattler they say that even with level 35 pokemon, best friends, and weather boost you need more then 380 seconds… so duo is not possible. (Even with level 40 pokemon a duo is not possible according to Pokebattler).

Umbreon is now a tier 4 raid, not a tier 3. It needs 3 people even at level 40, best friends and weather boost. Why would one go out of their way for an umbreon is beyond me though


Yes why would people even want to raid for Umbreon outside of challenges? I mean, it’s not THAT useless, but 1. it basically needs Last Resort for max. potential in PvP and 2. wouldn’t walking 10km with your Eevee and evolving it at night be a faster (and in some way cheaper) option?


Umbreon was promoted from Tier 3 to Tier 4. This wasn’t the only time that happened, as it also once happened to Granbull and Alolan Exeggutor (though it was originally tier 2).

Unless you’re into PVP, Umbreon is pretty worthless. The extra candy is nice for Espeon and Glaceon though.

I know I’m really late to the party but this thread came across my search when I was looking for Umbreon raids. Apparently, I couldn’t found any succesful Duos for this one. We even tried ourselves by using 2 full Bug-type teams on rainy weather but they weren’t came any close to the Duo (We reach yellow at 66 seconds left, which was horrible). We tried with fighting-types instead and we get to the yellow on 78 (No weather boost). So, the trio was the only option. It’s sad because most sites show the Duo was possible with weather boost but this was uncertain.

Here’s mine. We barely beat it.

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