Unable to login

Good morning

I’m writing this in a topic because I think it’s too much of a specific problem.

I’m having issues to login in the game. Whenever I try to login, I got stuck with the message that it was unable to login in the server, with the option of either “Restart” or “Retry”. I have tried many things, such as restarting my router, and I even issued a transfer ticket before I reinstalled the game and took a screenshot of everything I needed in case the account needs recovering.

I think the problem is with the connection, because when I switched to 4G, the game ran normally. And my internet connection has ran normally. But still is there a way to overcome this problem?

Edit: I’m using Android

Seems like you already said it yourself and that the problem might have been the connection.

I usually get that error when server traffic is heavy, like earlier today when everyone seemed to be logging in to roll the KH banner as soon as it appeared, or if my connection is weak.

I see, but it’s been like this for more than 24 hours.

Well, if it’s not server traffic then your internet connection might be too weak or unstable.

It’s pretty much the only thing I can think of at this point since I don’t know what else could be causing it. Sorry if it’s not much help.

If it’s working on data but not your wifi, it’s your wifi.
Check with a(nother) computer that you can get on the internet using the same network, and see if it’s slow or something else. It could also be a problem your ISP is having and nothing you can actually fix.

It works now, it’s just a case of really bad connection, thanks for the support.

I have the same problem with some WiFi connections. It’s usually fixed if I switch DNSet on, which is an Android App that forces the connection to use the public Google DNS server.