Unable to see or write comments on AK Gamepress pages


Starting from the past week or so, I’m unable to see how many comments a GP page in the AK section has. When I click on a page to view it and scroll down to the comment section, the section doesn’t load at all.

Is this a bug with the site or just something from my end? Is there a way to fix it?

Thank you!

Update: I can now write comments, and in 1 article I’ve been able to see and interact with 1 comment from another person. But this whole system is still bugged for me :/

I’m very sorry for the late response.

From what I can see everything’s good on my end. I would say internet would be the first issue I could come up with but if it’s only on here that’d be a bit odd. We don’t exactly have ads on the community site so I’m not entirely sure what the issue would be.