Uncertainity over future of Cosmoem

Hello everyone.

This is age old question, but I am uncertain over future of Cosmoem.

This is my Cosmoem :

I am having doubt for choosing its evolution. I am confused whether should I get Solgaleo or Lunala.
Present data in PvPoke is not providing me helpful insight.

Solgaleo’s typing matches with Metagross, and Metagross is good candidate for community day: classic, because of which I can have a Metagross.

Lunala’s typing is rare at higher level, but is highly volatile against dark and ghost.

Present moveset are underwhelming for both, and improvement is definitely needed.

With Astral Eclipse event around the corner, I thought about asking this.

How much Solgaleo and Lunala can impact in the future ?
On whom should we focus on?

How are they, in general as of now, and what they can be in future ?

I’m no expert on their PvP utility at this point, but the way the season is going it’ll shape up like Hoopa last year when you will either be able to forme-change it, or you’ll get a second one. Probably as part of the end-of-season mini-event.

So, chances are, you won’t need to choose - although if you do have a choice it depends on your IV spreads perhaps as to which you want as which.

I am looking over PvE aspects as well, as long as remote raids are present.

I am doubtful over it. Both of them are cover legendary of Sun/Moon, hence I don’t think they will be treated like that.
On other hand, Necrozma is very good candidate for this mechanism. It has many forms i.e Dusk Mane, Dawn Wings, Ultra. This can be treated like that, though in MSG it depends on N-Solarizer/Lunarizer.

If this happens, then Kyurem-W/B both can be made available.

Pretty sure I‘ve read on the PoGoLive page that we don‘t need to worry, as we‘ll get more Cosmog in the future. How and when, only Arceus knows.

As for their utility, as of now, rather meh. Lunala would make for a fantastic Ghost attacker, but lacks a Ghost Fast Move. It is a passable Psychic attacker, not the highest DPS but still serviceable, and quite bulky, especially against Fighting. If it had Shadow Claw, it‘d also be a very strong Pokemon for Master League, but without, not so hot. We can hope though.

Solgaleo looks less promising, lacking a Steel Fast Move, although that could change as well. Still no match for Metagross, unless Sunsteel Strike becomes really good. As a Psychic attacker, not really good, stuck with Zen-Headbutt, and currently only having Psychic Fangs. Even if given Psychic, it wouldn‘t be insanely good. For PvP, it is apparently pretty solid, access to Fire Spin and the mentioned Psychic Fangs, it has some utility with reasonably fast debuff support, and has a solid STAB with Iron Head, though Steel isn‘t the most important offensive type in ML I guess.

It‘ll take some moveset updates, but they definitely have potential for both sides (especially Lunala).

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I’ll definitely choose Solgaleo. Although it has the same typing as Metagross, its unique moveset makes it function differently. Its fast move can threaten fellow steel types, making it defeat the ultimate steel slayer Excadrill. Frequent debuff from STAB Psychic Fangs can be very annoying to the opponent (like an ML Nidoqueen). Thanks to this nature, it doesn’t have too disadvantageous matchups: even the toughest ones vs Groudon and Giratina-O, it still loses less hard than Metagross (which has a hand of worse matchups). Solgaleo is a great partner of dragon types, destroying Dialga and Zacian easily.

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Seeing Niantic even unwilling to give Ursaluna Shadow Claw, wishing for Lunala is simply pointless. Hex is all that we can hope.

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This is what that is bothering me for Lunala. Giratina will destroy it only with Shadow Claw.

Whereas Solgaleo steel typing provides many resistances.

I checked other possible fast moves for Solgaleo, but there are no other as of present situation in Pokémon GO. Only available are : Fire Spin, Metal Claw, Zen Headbutt.

It will take improvisation of the available ones.
I also feel that next season will result Solgaleo with Meteor Beam.

On other hand, Lunala has the availability of the other fast move, but shadow claw breaks the meta, with only 7 defeats as on now.

It can learn Snarl as well.

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Snarl improves it performance quite a lot.

As @PokeprofJulian told yesterday about future availability of Cosmog, I believe they will spawn after winning E. Raids in future. Hence, it is not possible for me to go via that way.

As far as Lunala is concerned, other viable fast moves are : Psycho Cut, Shadow Claw, Hex.

Going with Shadow Claw is what we need.

But Hex and Psycho Cut bring same performance, which is better that the present, but still worse.

If it is provided with Poltergeist, then it is surprising :

Even Shadow Claw cannot match this performance !

Lunala can also learn Meteor Beam.

I don‘t think Cosmog will be available as reward for beating Elite Raids. Just seems kinda off. Also, don‘t you have a community in your area? There surely gotta be other people playing where you live.

Also, Poltergeist is rather bad, I doubt that would benefit Lunala since it already has Shadow Ball.

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No, we don’t need such a meta breaking mon, much more centralising than Dialga. There is no fun if everybody uses it and its counters but nothing else.


Then I doubt if Lunala will be provided with moves, that can make it meta.

Hex seems only viable fast move then.

I think there will day/night system for evolving Cosmoem.

Indeed, this mechanism is adopted by Niantic.

Solgaleo is it then for pvp. Sad, i like the gothic design of Luna more.

Lunala’s viability lies in its ability of Shadow Shield, which functions identical to Dragonite’s Multiscale. Without that it is OHKOed many times as it lacks the high speed.

In Galar, there is another legendary with same type: Calyrex-S. And this is absolute dangerous Pokemon in present meta. It Sp.A and Speed are very high, and each KO increases its Sp.A due to which it becomes dangerous snowball.

Look at this link to know it’s dominance :


My username is GalaxyRipper.

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For sure future is coming ;)
And another cosmos as well i guess.

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Another Kyurem.

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I´m in the same situation I like both but we only can have 1, my cosmog is 14/15/13 not as bad.
Solgaleo have more utility on ML but as a casual player will never have the XL for a legendary thats why I´m going to try a NON legendary team for ML.

Lunala could have more utility (PVE) but it isn´t as impressive as other pokemons that I have due it´s move set. At the moment I´m more inclined to choose Lunala than Solgaleo.

There is a limit of time to make the desition?