Underrated Characters!


Which characters that you think is underrated and not used that much despite being somewhat decent?


We’re not in FE here


I’m Blind Then,Sorry!


going off the gp tier list
cause thats totally how one measures usability
shuten douji
mata hari

edison, ana, astolfo , cumhill , shinju ass , para, arent in this list cause they will mostly like be moved up post buff


d’Eon. I do have some bias since they’re my favorite servant, but they’ve been one of the most reliable taunter tanks I had, and whom I will consider a premium version of Georgios in some ways. They work very well especially with their self heal and they’re either a staple of my Arts team with their Bond CE or a long lasting tank that will keep my zerkers alive throughout the entire battle. Granted their NP is really underwhelming, only becoming acceptable at NP2 and more ideal at NP3+. Despite those shortcomings, they found a place in most of my team setups for difficult battles.


Ushiwakamaru, come on DW… where the hell is her saber version?


Cu Proto. I feel like he’s constantly in the shadow of his FSN counter part despite the fact he really has an identity of his own. Trading guts and disengage for crit damage buff and star gather rate buff as well as the bonus damage against beasts, he’s a very good crit-friendly servant as well as being incredibly difficult to kill thanks to protection from arrows.


Perhaps Paracelsus. But I must admit I don’t use him either because I have a ton of gold casters that are better. :sweat_smile:


I’d say David is sort of underrated. While he’s actually one of the best unit in the game as far as 3 stars go, and very popular in the community, I find that people don’t really care about him during early game until they get a hang of the game. In fact, I leveld him a bit when I started then just switched to other archers. Another one would be Mephistopheles. While his stats are awful and doesn’t really have that much of a clear role in the game, playing him during this GUDAGUDA made me find quite the value in what he offers with Innocent Monster and Curse (Unreliable, of course, but still useful).
Atalante also comes to mind for me. She as my first golden archer and felt pleased with her despite her problems. I use her every now and then when I feel bored and she’s lots of fun and some fresh air actually, not just a disposable Quick Buff.
Another one I want to mention is Martha (Rider). I find that people complain a lot about his “poor damage” and that’s why she sucks, but she actually was an important unit for me during several challenge quests. Specially Nerofest’s last Challenge quest. Her utility is very valuable and in the end it’s worth the investment (imo).


She is great anti-male killer and support for male servats. She has her own niche, and she is decent.


If you referring the tier list in gamepress. we may find most servants are on a relative good position of tier 1-6. However, some servants’ performance could be fluctuating, very heavily depending on what his/her role in a specific team. They could be even tier 0 if you want him/her functioned well. So I think can say this kind of servants are “underrated”. But this is also debatable, since most tier list are emphasizing on the servants’ universal performance and gameplay.
Especially some SR and 1-3 star have very good skill set/ function which may exceed SSR in some cases. For instance, Lv Bu, Rama, Taiga, Euryale etc, these servants could be attributed to underrated DPS. David/Tristan, d’Eon, Kotarou, Martha, Hans etc, these servants have pretty solid utility for your team are also more or less underrated. Although they are indeed in high tier of their own rarity, but still underrated in comparison with ssr. Like I possed many SSR but still interest in invest these servants.