Understanding the Core Of DB Legends...Money!

Dragon Ball Legends is an Amazing Game, However has some issues which can be infuriating!

All of the issues I believe are still in the game because it will affect the bottom line for Bandai.

Key issues voiced by the community, the things that cause us to rage include:

  1. 2x/3xRP PVP Seasons
  2. Cheaters in PVP
  3. The Vegito Blue Meta ( The Vegito Blue Conspiracy)
  4. Any other issue you can think of

Now next time when you think why would they not fix this maybe ask yourselves how does it affect their bottom line?

A host of solutions have been provided to how this problem could be fixed which makes grinding for high ranked players Excruciating.
These Seasons are linked with Exchangeable Rewards (golden coins etc) This means they are not so concerned what happens after Rank 50 but before. They are more worried that players would quickly win their games then Spam forfeits to be able to obtain the rewards more readily.(In the Old days you could do this to get EX ZPower in PVP) The fact that you obtain 3x the RP to your loss puts players in a situation where you can not do this.
3x RP fills the community with dread.

Lag and Cheaters has caused the greatest annoyance to most the competitive community, Why not fix the one major problem the playerbase has with your game?
A Hard Ban on the account of players found to be cheating instead of resetting their RP for one season would eliminate cheaters and a portion of issues concerning Lag( Lag Switchers). However a Hard Ban would also risk Bandai losing that player forever, thats lost revenue forever gone. A cheating player pays more than no player.
An issue that has plagued the game since its inception 2yrs ago. Bandai always saying they are looking at ways to address the problem the player base knowing that means they are not going to do anything about it.

With the introduction of Zenkai units and their power level the development team had to create something extraordinarily powerful to Rival their power whilst being pulled at an LF Rarity. Their Creation Vegito BLUE.
So powerful in fact that he can be run on almost any team he matches a TAG or Colour and it will be top TIER Team.
With one of the most toxic METAS in existence, would you not allow us to Zenkai Fat Buu under the new system. NO! Not only are we not going to let you do that, we are also not going to bring back FAT Buu at all. We cant have a hard counter to our Blueberry Boy just after his release.
A Stale Toxic Meta, Where Regeneration and GT could also be played to add variety to the meta. Zenkai Fat Buu was Cancer but by today’s standards I think he is balanced enough to help add variety to the META.( You can even play Omega Shenron if you have a Zenkai 7 Buu)

We can complain all we want about the issues of the game and frustrations we suffer, but just think MONEY! then when we wait 6 months for promised inclusions like updated Guilds, LF ZPower etc we wont feel so bad. We can realise yes its infuriating but who am I kidding I probably still going to play anyway. Besides think of how much money it would cost their bottom line if they did change it?

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If you think about it, if cheaters are removed then people will invest more in the game and that will more than make up for the loss of players.

For the Health, Longevity and ultimately the continued profitability of the game I think the stance like this needs to be taken.
However Short term it will hit their bottom line Hard. It will be similar to the Hard Ban they took on players using Vendors on the first Anniversary. After the Ban Hammer Hit many players even content creators left the game and never came back.
Doing nothing about the cheaters will only continue to poison our experience until the player-base just dies. We can only endure so much poison.
The question is How Short term or Long term do they require their economic return?, and when I look at the last 2 years and think MONEY it is a very short window that they glimpse any decisions.