Underused Merge Project

I wanted to do a merge project of a relatively underused hero, so


  • Ogma
  • Mathilda
  • Michalis

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I have plans to merge Michalis and Ogma in the future, so Mathilda

Voting for Ogma. His refine’s pretty decent and straightforward; meanwhile Mathilda’s base weapon isn’t the greatest, and she relies on other weapons depending on her build.

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Jorgen, I mean Ogma


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Ew, stop. Jorgen Von Strangle made me upset every time he talked about his bulging muscles, which was all the time.

That jaw was just too much to handle.



I mean Mathilda is a good mixed speed tank

I’m wondering whether Mathilda gets a refine. They’ve been working on lance cavalry in the last few months. You might want to hold out a bit to see if she gets one.

Also, who are your other merges and what’s your play style?

I mean if not Mathilda, I’ll might do NY Laegjarn later, but the earlier Gen Res melees (Fir, Mathilda) always interested me
I just like Ogma as a character (Not his arms though)
Michalis is pretty hot and I need an axe flier anyways. I already have a Cherche but I wanted to try a more Enemy Phase idea.

I like balance teams, although my pure offensive flier team is probably my favorite.

I mean Mathilda is an interesting unit


Mystic Boost?

You might like Michalis then actually. Especially now that darting blow is a seal, he can be fast enough to go player phase, especially when the team is spamming goads.

I suggested Ogma because infantry are pretty strong options for merging in general due to all these fun tools they have. He might also be an interesting transition for you towards more use of mixed teams because of his prf, but you might find the positioning condition restrictive if you like to play aggressively.

Sustain. I really just slapped whatever on there because cavs don’t have that many B-skill options

I have a lot of sword infantry units, and that’s the only reason I’m hesitant.
I have Karla, Ayra, L!Roy, Mareeta, and Eirika already
I just really like him


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Then probably build him and don’t merge him until you’re convinced.

Ayra and Mareeta are kind of similar - high spd, middling atk and def.
Karla is a glass cannon.
Eirika and L.Roy are stat-stackers or support units, depending on how you interpret (build) them.
Ogma has higher atk than most of them besides Karla and L.Roy, especially with the prf effect. He is bulkier than both of those, more than Karla via def and more than L.Roy via HP. I really like his potential with null follow-up.

In any case, if you like him that much you should definitely build him.

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Mathilda narrowly wins.

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How’re you going to build her?

Thinking about it

She’s basically a better Jagen :birbpeek:
Maybe take advantage of her strong Res & Spd? :thinking: