Underwhelming Pokemon or Match Ups

Whether its Master or Ultra or Great league what are some pokemon you are underwhelmed with that you figured should be better when you played them.

For me: It’s heatran (vs Dialga)

I expected it to take down Dialga easily, it doesnt. It doesn’t even force a switch. In fact, when its lead-vs-lead I often consider a narrow win a loss. As the incoming pokemon can farm some energy, or you are forced to switch and can get caught in switch lockdown

The problem with Fire or Ground in PVP is that 99% of the charged moves take a long time to charge; every other type has a leg up on those types due to this. An exception in GL is Weather Ball (Fire) or (sometimes) Earth Power in GL and UL.

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Its kinda frustrating that the winning strategy (in general) is to spam charge moves. Doesn’t even really matter if they have hi DPE. Why is Body Spam Snorlax so good? Because you can only shield about 50 damage. This is even more frustrating in ML where there are few other gimmicks (like buffing moves) so the strategy is “power up to lvl 40, spam Surf/Dragon Claw/Ironhead/etc”.

I’ve had some very different experiences with Heatran vs Dialga in the ML. When my Heatran has gone up against Dialga, either they swap it out, or their Dialga loses rather painfully (the neutral damage from FT takes out about half of Dialga’s health on its own). Heatran can survive one Thunder (the only move Dialga knows that isn’t resisted or double-resisted), so in the event that their Dialga actually wins the matchup, it’s because they used both shields to my none.

It feels rather incomplete without the remaining legendaries, too.

Landorus with Earth Power would charge ground attacks slightly faster and be more threatening to steel types - even though so many pokemon already have ground coverage.

Zekrom would finally make a hard counter against Kyogre. Kyogre truly is a pain in the ass if you’re nowhere prepared for it. Plus it can munch through dragons…

Reshiram would make a huge impact as a closer, and threatening the very common Melmetal and Metagross

Thats just to name a few. But yeah it feels like its not really possible to cover the meta. Just have to roll the dice.

As for myself I’ve learnt which pokemons perform as others say, and which pokemons absolutely don’t through just trying them out (like Giratina-A is hyped in UL but I find it not a threat at all without the boost from AP. And same for Dialga here, so many options to OHKO this thing).

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