Underworld merry christmas and ereshkigal hate questions

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“recently” huh dunno what you’re talking about mate


Where is the recently threads ??? :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:

I am 100% sure I’ve seen this exact same post somewhere else.

yep, this one is kinda inspired by a thread posted by someone called grand slayer or something. As a new player, i just wanted to learn the lore why eresh chan gets hate like this.

this post was so late
that hunter x hunter ended

You sure got some massive lag might wanna get your PC checked out

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Chuck it in your sink and give it good scrub that’ll fix it up

nah, imma put it inside the washing machine.

Creating an argument for the sake of causing an argument is just going to get the thread removed or worse after continuous action.

First interaction with the community and starting off strong. Ya wanna troll you can go else where.

~Argument may be the wrong word used but I still stand by if you’re going to troll you can go else where.