Unexpected grailed servants you came across



found the first dude, whom i didnt add sadly cause my list was full
and the 2nd dude is someone who was in my list for a long time

any of yall got interesting people like that in your friend list


I got one with Mata Hari lvl 100 and another one with Shakespear lvl 100. Those who have those kind of servant are in my top search. It’s way more fun than having always the same 5 star . Also one with Ushi lvl 90.


I have a grailed Cu Proto, does that count? lol


lv 85 at least or it doesnt count


I have also one with Serenity at lvl 100 haha and one with Hanz but only lvl 80.

Damn, i just saw that the Mata Hari one is not in my list anymore :cry:


i know that feel

found another one on jp


Lool at that Boudica. I must say, I’m impressed by his/her dedication :no_mouth:

There is a 90 mozard in my select support right now, too bad I don’t have anymore friend slot for him.


I had a lvl 100 phantom on my support list but he hadn’t logged in in 21 days so i booted. For the longest time he was the only aoe assassin so it was nice having one available as support.


Does my Irisviel grailed to 100 count? :joy:




Grail the holy grail itself, bro …


I have a Master with lvl 100 Proto cu and Bond CE. I think I found him during summer event and wanted to know if Proto-cu 3rd skill worked agaisnt crab. It does.
Just recently, too, I received a request from a lvl 100 Asterios. Of course I added him.
Also, myself, I’m grailing a Sanson to lvl 100. Stuck at 90 by now though.
My nephew was grailing Fuuma Kotarou, too, but he lost his account so he just quit the game. He had also grailed Asterios too, but both of them to 80.


i am curious how old are you to have a nephew at the very least at around 14-15(otherwise that raises a whole bunch of other question)


It’s all due to age difference with my sister though. I’ll be 20 by June. And My nephew would be 14 soon enough too.




Don’t think I have lots of friends with grailed 2 stars, but definitely lots of grailed 3 stars

I guess Cu are typically the man to be grail, I have plenty of friends with Lv100 Cu

Lv100 Medusa

Lv90 Ushi


why censor their name tho =/
maybe we will encounter them in the support one day and we can add them


Ah the first dude is my boy Chichiue. One of my best friends I’ve never met haha. I could recognize that NP4 Mordred and that lvl 100 Mephistopheles anywhere. A true brother who got me through many singularities