Unexpected most liked servant?


So who’s your most liked servant you never expected?

Personally, I didn’t know that i would LOVE Gorgon. She’s saved me so many times especially how I’ve given her that craft essence Volumen Hydrargyum. All I can see when given friend points is “Most used class: EXTRA” I would love to get her to 100 but my QP gets eaten so much by my Quetzalcoatl and Nitocris…

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Personally I’m sort of surprised for Chloe. Like, I’ve seen her before we got her in NA and she looked cool so I was looking forward to her. What I didn’t expect is that I’d rush her to 10/10/10 and to have her grailed to 100. I was very, very pleased.

Another one is Sanson. Gotta burn and ignore those bronze servants, they useless after all, right?
His eyes, hair and voice are very cool, so I leveled him out of curiosity and just wanting that saint graph. Memes here, memes there, some Nerofest happened and now I’m taking him to 100 even though one of my first SSRs were MHX. He’s a very handsome boy, and his damage after some investment is more than decent.


Chloe has saved me too many times I’m happy with my Oda but I personally wouldn’t mind if she came home though… :thinking:
And LOL I thought I was the only one that thought Sanson was cute haha, but that’s me with Jaguar Warrior. She’s usually overlooked cause she’s a 3 star but I upped her NP to level 5 she does fantastic damage with crits! Nice to know someone else who appreciates 3 stars!

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Yup, although Jaguar Man is Story locked so not many people can get her to a high NP level, so they just opt for other options. I was lucky to get her every single time during Valentines’ banner.
The lower rarities are filled with great units, really.


tfw everyone bringing up gameplay :pensive:


Never actually thought i would like Sanzang i had no opinion on her before camelot but after camelot it was pretty much a goal of mine to get and grail her so thats pretty much it.


Ruler Jeanne d’Arc.

When the GSSR came I was actually after Jack. I knew that Jeanne was a fifty-fifty chance and logically I should have rolled on the caster banner…but I wanted jack badly.

So I was a bit disappointed when Jeanne showed up. I had read up on her and from the way she was ranked in the tier list and the way everyone talked about her and her self stun I thought I had gotten the bad end of the stick.

Then she dragged me through Camelot and Babylonia, trivialized challenge quests, and allowed me to beat bosses I never should have been able to beat…

I now know that I got probably the single best SSR for me and my situation that night. And I don’t care what anyone else says about her or her self stun, as far as I am concerned she is a tier S servant!!!


She’s going to get an Interlude soon that will remove her stun debuff on NP use (it becomes an Esunaga too), look forward to it, I certainly am.


There’s nothing wrong with bringing up gameplay though that’s how I learned I liked Gorgon lol

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I’ll be honest I wasn’t so fond of him at first because he killed Marie LMAO but later on especially for the Moon Goddess event I liked him more


HONESTLY good taste I understand I don’t have Jeanne myself so I use my friends but I LOVED her for the Orleans Singurality I actually cried at the end of it HAAHA she has a soft spot in my heart

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Jeanne is a great unit and I’m still trying to get her to complete my Jeanne family lol
I feel like she is unkillable after she gets her NP upgrade

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Gameplay wise… Too many to mention.

Otherwise, I love Jeanne Alter’s character. In Orleans, it’s revealed that she couldn’t exist as a Servant because there is no basis for her. Jeanne herself states she holds no hatred for those who killed her.

Then in the Da Vinci Event and Shinjuku, we get further glimpse of JAlter’s character. And I have to say that I loved how well she’s taking the ‘being a fake Servant’ thing. In her own way, she’s trying to separate herself from being a mere fake Jeanne, carving out her own identity. Her efforts seem clumsy and forced at times, but it becomes much more charming in its own way because it makes her seem like a child that’ s trying to act like an adult, or a child who wants to grow up quickly.


I have a few due to not knowing many servants before playing Fgo but I’ll give the top 3:

First was Altera. Not that I hated her, but at the time I only knew servants from the Fate animations and Extra game and I was hoping for someone I knew, like Mordred or Tamamo. I also didn’t like some elements to her design. Specifically her skinny frame and the red footwear. But she was a 5 star and looking at the odds, I was grateful for my incredible luck. I figured once I got a Saber I wanted she would take a backseat. A year later and she’s the undisputed queen of my servants and I can’t be happier she was one of the first servants I summoned. She’s carried me through some of my most difficult battles (including some that had Archers surprisingly) and while the Septem Singularity feels more like a filler when compared to the others, I enjoyed her last minute appearance and how she’s basically a juggernaut everyone panics over once she arrives.

Eurayle is another. It’s funny because I got her and Stheno in the same roll and initially used Stheno more because she had better stats and could brute force her way through a lot of initial problems. Again, I figured Eurayle would get replaced once I got an archer that I wanted, like Atalanta. Then Euryale fought a male enemy and everything changed. Numbers came up on her NP like she was 4 star in hiding. As time went one Eurayle became a first pick while Stheno got regulated to the background. I like both of them, but when push comes to shove of who gets leveled, Eurayle is first. She makes me forget there was time I wanted Atalanta as one of my Archers.

Finally Blackbeard. I like his design and despite popular opinion, I like his personality and antics. Yet I expected to drop him very quickly. Partially because there were other riders I really wanted, like Drake. Mainly because of his Bronze status. I was hoping the great Blackbeard would at least be a 3 star. His bronze stats didn’t make me think much of him other than someone I use to keep my party cost low. Okeanos Singularity gave me a higher opinion of him with there being more to his otaku character and comedic role. He plays a fool or can get serious when needed and his time in my teams felt the same. I’d put him in a battle expecting him to be one of the first to go down and he usually ended up being one of the final servants standing. He gave out surprising damage, did well in supporting teammates, survived, and at least for me, was draining NP gauges at a decent rate. Recently he’s been outpaced by another unexpected servant I didn’t think I’d like in Kintoki Rider, but he continues to stay one of my first considerations if I need a Rider.


I’ve never expected to love Kintoki. Before I started playing FGO I only saw his Zerker version, and the design was really weird for me. I started playing basically with Onigashima event, and gosh, that golden boy stole my heart. He has a really adorable personality, and him being a welfare rider boss killer saved my backside lots of times. I still hope to get his Zerker version one day too because I really can’t resist this badass big yet so pure and childish lad :heart: also, rider’s valentine’s scene was hilarious, I’m looking forward to seeing zerker’s x)


Same honestly, my best servant to date and I can’t wait to get rider Kintoki

I also thought zerker Kintoki looked like He-man

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To be quite honest with you, though she is a popular character, I never thought I’d love Jalter. Not even sure what made me start liking her but I was so excited to see her in Shinjuku and I loved the way she was portrayed - honestly fell in love with her even more.


Suzuka I guess, her speech style is very interesting to listen to, her attacks are fun to look at, I fully ascended and bond fived just to listen to her lines. I saw her playstyle once and wasn’t interested in her kit or Np but her lines are way too good to listen to, for me atleast.


Ok, WHYYYYY did you say it, and how am I to unsee it now :joy:


Well, I mean, I didn’t expect to grail Saber Gilles de Rais to 90 but I did. He’s great, and upon seeing that final ascension art I just had to.

But the most standout one imo is Quetzalcoatl. I absolutely did not like her at first. Like, I actively did not like her. I don’t know what it was, but she just didn’t seem cool to me at all.

Then I played through Babylonia. From her very first appearance, lucha onee-san won me over. I immediately fell in love with this ridiculous woman.