Unique build for Selena that surprisingly works?

Hey, so I’m planning to build up a +Def/-Res Selena that is unique to any other builds in the community (Slaying Edge, Wo Dao, etc.) and it surprisingly has a great synergy with it. Only problem is that I’m stuck trying to construct a build. Any tips on it? (It’s also fine if some skills are expensive af haha) :slight_smile:

Do you also plan on +10 merging her?

Yes, she’s currently going to be a +10 project since I have 8 of her atm

You should give her a merge to remove the bane.

I think the best way of building her is to make use out of her defences. Her dropping atk and hp has the benifit of giving her great speed with good bulk. So she won’t get doubled easily and is able to take a good deal of hits.

You could go for a barrier blade, breath A skill, aether and close def as seal.
Something like this:

Might accually be quite handy in arena where units who survive are more important. Since the bonus unit is the one who needs to kill.
For some budget you could switch the A slot for steady posture. Though I’d go with bonfire if you do that.

That makes this a lot easier then, since she won’t have the res bane. Personally, I think either an offensive armor or cav tank would suit her statline nicely. At +10, she’ll have “not bad” atk, high speed and high defense. If you ran Zanbato+ (Nullify effect) with bonfire, swift sparrow/fury and desperation, she could be a force to be reckoned with. C slot and the seal are extremely flexible, so you could either stack smoke skills (ex. defense smoke C slot and speed smoke seal) or run skills in those two slots that suit your play style and her teammates.

I use almost an identical build as this on my Tobin, another unit with good mixed bulk, and can say from experience that this build works great.

I prefer Slaying Edge for the quicker cooldown on Aether but Barrier Blade does improve your Res enough to activate Aether whenever you please, really, since you’re going to survive most encounters anyways.

So yeah, I have to give a plus to this build idea because it works surprisingly very well.

Selena is one of the best mixed tanks in the 4* pool.

Safeguard and Barrier Blade are arguably the best weapons for her.

Her A skill is flexible. Fortress Def/Res, Steady/Warding Breath are great options. There’s also Distant Counter.

B skill can Wrath, or Special Spiral, or maybe Guard.

C skill is flexible. Atk Smoke. Def Smoke. Etc.

Seal can be… Well, it’s also flexible. Close Def, Atk/Def Bond, and others.

Yeah Tobin deals more damage than Selena, while Selena can be more bulky because she has great spd and IVs.
Both could be pretty fun with refines, really wished any other fates retainer than Hana+Peri got the refines…

Niles and Odin have both gotten refines? But I see what you’re saying

My issue with Barrier Blade/Safeguard is that running Close Defense with sub 40 attack is… effectively 0 damage.

She’d be tapping enemy swords for like 10 damage a hit, or less. Aether won’t even kill them. Against armors, manaketes, or bruisers, she is swinging for basically 0 damage. And then their specials will wreck her since she can’t slow down their cooldowns.

Selena normally compensates for her 25 base attack (OOF) by running Attack superboon alongside an offensive sword.

39 attack in a world where units can regularly hit 40 visible defense is just extremely niche.

True, just saying ‘of those left’

Niles and Odin are great.
Love how strange but solid Odin is.

I would love Tobin to get a refine, Selena too, but after Hana’s debatably plain refine, I would be worried they’d make Tobin’s refine in particular not really worth while over taking Slaying Edge or even Armorsmasher.

If price of the skill isn’t relevant at all I’d probably go for something like this if you want something particularly special.

Absolute max investment except SS

Hits 52 defense on EP with an ally adjacent, and can fire off an Ignis to compensate for shitty attack.

A nice enemy-phase tank that has Chill to support the team. You could also stick QR into her B slot and run Close Defense as a seal to reach 58 defense, but I like Chill support since it benefits everyone.

EDIT: Krazy mentioned Special Spiral, and it’d work great for her actually to get Ignis off on every engagement. Would probably be better than Chill Attack here.

I do think with some refines you need to keep the unit in mind.
Characters like Hana and Ogma got quite the simple refine, but their stats were already solid.
Her 35/36 offences boost up into 55/40 with her weapon.
Armor enemies or no, she’s gonna hit hard.

Meanwhile a unit like Niles got a full package because he really needed it.
And Cain+Abel really love the elaborate effect.

This is the perfect thread for me.

Edit: Posted the picture on my phone and hopped back to PC to make the edit.

Long story short: it started when I saw Safeguard, pulled a fodder copy. and wanted a +10 unit. I looked through the sword pool specifically to find someone who had a decent Res stat to pair with the Safeguard for a mixed tank, ended up deciding upon Selena. She then became my first +10 and I love this girl.

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That’s a fair point. I suppose I just wasn’t taking their already good stat spreads into account. I don’t really know what they would give someone like Tobin or Selena because they have somewhat “underwhelming” spreads due to them having good mixed bulk and low to decent level of attack.

I think giving them something to make them more appealing to start a merge project on would help them a lot, though I’m not sure what that would be beyond built-in DC of some kind. Maybe like a Bracing Stance or built-in Breath?

Selena is definitely in an interesting position. Great mixed bulk, good Speed, but terrible Attack relegates her to tanking and relying on special procs for most of her damage. I’ve seen people give her Wrath to help boost her damage output, and she runs DC and Breath skills well.

Selena has an Attack superboon which is a great help to her since she tends to struggle with dealing damage.

Unfortunately I can’t really think of any truly unique builds for her since people have already come up with many different builds for her that she can run well.

I’m so glad you brought up Selena. She is such an underrated unit for how popular she (actually her Awakening counterpart, but basically same difference) is (even though I understand why she is not widely used, as her game-launch stats leave her with poor attack) and I’ve worked on a build for a +10 version of her since launch. I heavily invested into her attack (somewhat as a refutation to her main criticism and somewhat because it seemed necessary to making her my main unit), and this build is also used to complement her already good def and spd. When having 37-40 HP (a pretty descent sized chunk of HP), she will have 65 ATK/ 48 SPD/ 45 DEF/ 34 RES and be activating +56 Ignis with relative ease thanks to her speed and Wrath. I also have her on a team of +10 Barst, Mae, and Sophia with Atk/Spd Link, a Res Wave, Def and Res Ploys, and Atk and Spd Chills to make her even more formidable. Hope I could give you some help with my build. Fight on members of the Selena/Severa Defence Force (not that I’d want to fight with any of you BAKAS!).

Haha thank you! Looks very interesting tbh :3