Unique game changing skill ideas

I’ve always been fascinated by the servants with extremely unique and sometimes gimmicky skills. Examples include Summer BB’s card lock skill, Kingprotea’s growth skill, and Space Ishtar’s np type changing skill.

What kind of unique skills would you want added to the game? Existing skills that are just combined together into one don’t count. They also shouldn’t be overly complicated, I felt like having a stroke trying to read and understand how summer kiara’s mermaid skill worked.

Here are some of my ideas so far:

  • A skill that copies the effects of another servant’s craft essence for 3 turns. If it copies 2030, then it will generate 8 stars for 3 turns. If it copies kaleidoscope, then it will increase np gauge by 80 and so forth.

  • A skill that can resurrect a dead servant at the cost of another servant (including the skill’s caster). To prevent infinite looping the skill cannot revive a duplicate of the servant with the resurrection skill.

  • A skill that shifts the entire team’s star weight to a specific card type for 3 turns. For example, the skill boosts star weight for all buster cards for 3 turns or arts cards for 3 turns, etc.


A skill that makes over-kill/gauge do splash damage so the extra damage isn’t wasted. The savior of buster. Preferablely on swimsuit Eresh.


A skill that turn all face cards into your target servant card

A skill that that enable NP crit damage when you have more than 50 c.stars :joy: (a special for Atalante and Lancelot)

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A skill that turn all face cards into your target servant card

Well, we have/will get Summer Arturia Ruler’s card shuffle skill, which is the reverse of that, since she excludes the cards of one Servant.
Maybe one of the next Bunny Girl Servants will get a Target-Servant-Face-Cards-Skill :fgo_ishtaridgaf:

As for my idea: A Skill that let’s a Servant copy/use the NP of an ally OR the NP of the enemy, considering the enemy is a Servant (Shadow Servants excluded).
Which, now that I think about it, can only work if the Servant in question transforms into the Servant they copy the NP of. Sassy-shin could have gotten that.

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Not my idea, but it would be interesting if some servants could change their single target np to an aoe np and vice versa.


A variant on card lock, but one that lasts for one turn and is fixed on a single Servant, copying each card’s crit probability as well as the NP card, if available (it could be used again regardless of NP gauge status).

All other Servant cards would be unusable; selectable for the purpose of completing the required 3-draw if necessary, but inactive.

Could be a way to mix up the usual looping teams and also to add value both to Buster NPs and to any crit comp.

I’d like to see something off the wall that could affect the game outside of battle.

Sheba or one of the versions of Gil get a rank-up that includes a new passive skill where for every 10 stars generated at the end of the final wave, you get 1 mana prism. I suppose you could also do it with a CE that has to be on the field, not in support.

Then we’d see crazy combos with Jack, skills with crit star generation, passive star generation all being saved and dumped on lotto farming quests.

I’m sure we’d see the typical “____ sucks, it’s a gimmick!” from people who haven’t dipped below 20k mana prisms in over a year, or have all the best servants already. This is the way.


Have a ‘Blaze of Glory’ skill that allows the Servant to automatically fill his/her NP gauge but dies at the end of the round and ignores Guts. It gives 100% overcharge at ranks 1-6, 200% at 7-9 and 300% at 10. That servant also can’t be revived if a Revive CS is used.

I think it would be nice if you could put your own CE on supports, whether they are player or NPC supports. The CE cost, however, would be charged to you so that would somewhat balance it. (The one on the servant already, if there is one, would still be free.)

It would make NPC supports when not forced be something you might want to pick, and solves the “I need servant X but there’s none with the CE I want (but have)”. Don’t know if it would be game changing, but certainly useful at times

Skill that increase ATK/HP according to the no. of enemies killed previous turns (max 10 stack)?

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I like that idea but taking it a few steps further. How about a 100% complete gimmick/meme servant? A fp no star servant as rare as angra mainyu that only has 3000 max hp, has zero offensive power, but has a skill that generates 1 Saint Quartz after 10 turns. If he dies, no saint quartz will be awarded. If he gets switched out, no saint quartz will be awarded.

To make it even harder, this skill will also put a target on him for 5 turns and he will get burned every time he hits with a buster card, poisoned every time he hits with an arts card, and stunned every time he hits with quick.

On top of that this servant can only be used 3 times a day whether he grants a saint quartz or not

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I want something that sets the base NP gain of buster cards to 100% for 3 turns (the same as quicks). It may have to be a support’s NP (Proto Merlin so she doesn’t steal Tama’s cooldown reduction any more?). It would allow for buster looping comps, which I think could be pretty interesting. If the support does have to use their NP for it, then that would mean you would need to charge up two servants on T1, not just your DPS, but there would be a way because someone out there can find some stupid way to do anything for the sake of looping.

No, keep memes out of the game’s mechanics. :fgo_hassandonot: We already have Angra which is the closest to being a meme servant but he can still function, just has a gimped NP even more so than Medea.

No no no, when he dies, subtract all the SQ that have been accumulated from your account. If you don’t have any SQ, you will now be in SQ debt.


A skill that copies the buffs on an ally or enemy (besides unremovable ones)

Get those Musashi hitcounts :crazy_face:

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Imagine Gilgamesh with a 10 hit Arts Card and a 10 hit Quick Card, alongside a 16 hit extra card.

This would just be ridiculous levels of broken.

Let’s assume that this servant is say, an arts servant, and you’re using a fairly simple setup of [servant], CasGil, Waver. That’s definitely not out of the ordinary, and you can definitely do much better than that.

Now, you first use all of Waver and CasGil’s skills. After that you use the copy skill on one of them. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll just say CasGil.

Using a single skill, you just gave your servant 30% arts up, 51% attack up, 100% stargen up, and 30% defence up, as well as some other more minor stuff. Your servant is now sitting at 60% arts up, 102% attack up, 200% stargen up, and 60% defence up, and they still have whatever they get from their other two skills. Imagine if you were also using Plugsuit and brought in a second Casgil from your friends list, as well as popped the Plugsuit’s attack buff. Cool, your servant is now sat as 120% arts up, 204% attack up, 400% stargen up, and 60% defence up.

Not happening, no way.

What I could see happening is maybe they made a servant who could steal a single buff from an enemy. This is actually already programmed into the game. One of the events in JP had some monkeys doing this.

It could work more like the pokemon move Psych Up.

Psych Up overwrites your current statuses with your target’s, including negative ones. Keyword being overwrites so you lose your current statuses too.

While you wouldn’t benefit as much in single threat comps, two attackers could absolutely abuse it to deal massive damage two turns in a row. However i don’t see it being able to target enemies as some story/CQ related buffs are just ridiculous.

Maybe a weird gimic but sonething I thought about after seeing artorias future buster card gimic
Take something like that but make it targetable . Maybe a future caster can have that skill. A skill that can change all cards to buster on any particular servant.
But use it on
Say someone with a high level of madness enhancement (lovely if they happen to be packing a buster ce)
Partner that with merlins hero creation and if you want to get crazy and really buster things to death swap in bb and use her card lock on that particular servant.
Its an odd situational gimic but something I’d really love to see.
It would take a very specific set up and is probably a stupid idea but I’d like to see something like that. And it would benefit gorilla decked beserkers like jeanne who you really have no chance of surviving long ebough to charge np on her own. Exploit her busters that way and get as much damage out of her as possible before she falls to an enemy crit.
Or use it on someone with high hit counts like ruler martha.

The funny/sad thing here is that many, many Buster Servants have low hit counts on their Buster cards, their NP, or both.

The majority would still not get the intended benefit, and even those with decent NP hit counts wouldn’t be able to loop unless this modified base NP gain could be further boosted by card effectiveness buffs.

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