Unit Builder Tourney #20? - Shared Bonds (And a bit more) (Shinx Does Maff) FINISHED

it’s your neighborhood dingus with another unit builder thing

It’s another lovey-dovey one

Here’s the rules

So you can pick any 2 alts from any 2 characters that

  1. Have a romantic or implied romantic ending (Ex. Alm and Celica)
  2. Have a shown romantic interest or implied romantic interest (Ex. Alm and Faye)
    NO crackships or memeships
    You cannot ship Surtr with Yune, as it is in no way canon nor implied

After you pick your 2 characters, you can pick any of their alts for each character, and pick a main unit.
You can then take the higher of each stat on the main character

(Ex. If you pick Sigurd and Deirdre and you pick Deirdre as the main unit, Deirdre has a statline of 36/33/28/16/35.

Sigurd has higher HP, Atk, Spd, and Def, so Deirdre’s stats get bumped up to 41/35/32/34/35.)

Also, the main unit gains access to any PRF skills the other unit has and can change movement type or weapon type to the other’s, but they can only use skills available to their new weapon/movement type. Units can also use Resplendents if they are the main unit and the amount of DFs also corresponds to the new movement type of the main unit. Weapons will not be changed. (Ex. adjusting Mt or Refine stats)

I’ll calculate this manually (It ain’t too hard)
Use the Custom Unit Builder (too lazy to link)

Player List
  1. @Dannwond
  2. @E1337gard
  3. @Thehalohedgehog
  4. @GamingBro1
  5. @Sothis
  6. @SomePriestess
  7. @nobody625
  8. @Myth
  9. @PokehunterX
  10. @Cam_the_Man
  11. @Someone_Person

Shinx: Shinx

The winner gets a diamond shape with a dot inside


I’ll play. I’ll at these two since they asked to be on the last one.


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I’m obviously joining


Awww, thank you! :feh_annawink:


I just want to ask
What if we’d like to use for example Awakeninf/Fates/Three Houses characters? Since technically you can form A-supports with most of the cast…

@ShinxDaSphinx count me in

I suppose it’s been a while…

Wynaut, this looks interesting. Put me up please.

Is Thrasir and Líf a couple?

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Awakening and Fates extend to everyone you can romantically S-support
3H not unless it’s a romantic ending

Thanks for giving me an idea on who to use :fgo_buster:


anytime bud

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make me proud

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Do they canonically show any romantic interest in each other?

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eh its implied they share a bond whenever you tap em on the home screen
Does that count?

I low-key remember something like it being implied in the middle of Book III. They’re close at the least.

But that was mad long ago and I don’t feel like double checking.


Can be taken either way


It’s not shown to be romantic tho
So I’m gonna say no


fair enough
Welp bye bye

Also I made some broken stuff earlier with these combos so go ahead and have fun