Unit flexing time 💪😎

We’re halfway through the year already :woozy_face: Feels like the year went by quick huh? Lowkey not anticipating what’s coming up in 2023 in terms of powercreep and the game state, but sooner or later it’ll be here :flushed:

Anyways how’s your progress on your units? Any units close to +10 or units yall finally gave that premium fodder to? :thinking: Any projects yall started this year or projects yall are ready to finish this year? Let’s see them :sunglasses:


Felix with the premium stuff
Other than that I finished merging new year Kaden and Seteth early this year, I’m getting close to the merges of Pelleas, Keaton, Linhardt, already got Brady’s merges, Lewyn got another merge on the Silvia and Erinys banner, he is 6+, and I gave a florette to Soren


Very close to finishing by B!Lyn. I have the merges (+10) and S!Elincia was a nice surprise (amazing weapon for her), but I need to wait till the DSH drops with Shinja to finish her A slot and Special (though in many cases Luna is probably gonna be better than Deadeye anyway).

Other than that I have constant 4* merge projects being finished (at 5* rarity, to be clear), but none that I haven’t already made a thread for (Finn was the most notable finished one).


Firstly, I began a project in Saizo; the only things I’m yet missing are merges:

I secondly chose to give Ayra the good shit after her 5th merge:

I lastly and most recently then decided to give Midori a new bow and with that, new skills for a new and better build:

There is also something to be said about Arthur and his skill list, but that has already been covered elsewhere.


He may be an accident, but a very happy one nonetheless. He’s a godsend in that hell called Arena, and may allow me for the first time to stay T21. I can’t wait for the Legendary banner! All I have to get is one copy + the spark.

Otherwise, I managed to +10 L!Corrin, B!Micaiah and Mia this year, which feels amazing.


I’ve managed to get 2 projects finished so far this year.

Had been +9 after last years rerun and then we got a free manual to finish her. My 3rd and last ever seasonal +10 as I’m never trying to do that again. So proud of her and her +10 sister.

Tanith only took about 5 months to get all 11 copies which is pretty fast for me. Hoping to get a Thorr for her in August for Flow Guard and some Spd/Def Rein from somewhere.

So happy to get a grail of a character I like and she’s awesome. Just the limited codes copy to go.

Miriel is the only other ongoing merge project and she’s been stuck at +5 for months now. Had seen 1 copy but had to use it to give Nowi Atk/Spd Ideal 4 and Rally Def/Res+ from the Louise manual in the codes 3. Now she needs some Spd Smoke 4.
Giving my dragons some love these days as A!Tiki got Atk Smoke 4 and hoping for a legendary chicken in August to give to Myrrh.

She’s been +10 for a while but with the resplendent boost she got some new premium skills.

That’s all the exciting stuff that’s happened in my barracks.


The only noteworthy atm are the 2 most recent Edels

Edeltina will be +10 by the end of the banner

F.Edelgard will be +10 either when I get “pitied” by her or on the next banner she’s on


Uhh, let me get back to you on this tomorrow lol

I did merge Lilina and Yen’fay earlier this year, and may be doing Titania soon. But that’s about it.

Edit: completely forgot about Y!Lyon. Really should start using him more.


Now that I think about it, I’ve started quite a lot build projects lately :feh_maethink:

In progress

Both have ally support and buff one another with the complementing Atk waves… Rebecca is actually quite scary when she’s in Desperation range :feh_sigurdeyes:

These two are part of “Team Irresistible” from my gf, together with OG Lilina and Lucius… Silvia is already quite finished minus flowers, while Est still needs a Peony or L!Azura to get the full Erinys experience (BDF4 and A/D Rein 3) :construction:

Another ally pairing that works exceptionally well RIP Lena x Julian Foddering Helbindi & Pent to Merric and V!Lissa to Lena were definitely worthwhile investments

Introducing funny thief and mage killer Cath… besides the obvious weapon change (for purely cosmetic reasons) I still have to decide which other skills she should get :feh_confused:

As much as I used Selena in my early days of FEH, she’s unfortunately fallen behind since then. Maybe I’ll manage to breath new life into her with an updated build…

Micaiah became a stable on my arena core since I bought my first Feh Pass just because of her resplendent art… and although I never actively pulled for her, she’s somehow at +5 :feh_lucyshrug:

Ally pairing #3: Everyone’s favorite bickering mage duo, Boey and Mae. Both have quite budgety builds, but they work well enough within my Gaiden team (with OG Celica and Genny).

Kagero just needs her flowers and the upcoming free Yuri for CDI4 and TP3 :feh_ardenwoke:

Chonky axe chad Hector is another constant in my arena lineup (as well as in my Blazing Blade Lords™ team, where he’s paired with L!Lyn while getting BD from L!Eliwood) and he rarely fails to fulfill his duties!

As many of you might know by now, Lilith is a favorite of mine since her release in FEH, but I wasn’t too lucky with getting merges for her… nontheless she’s already incredibly strong thanks to her support with Corrin(m)

Finishing off this list comes S!Elincia as my 2nd grail project at all. Quad madness at its finest!



Okey okey okey im on a fodder crisis, so please dont jugde me hard for unfinished or not very efficient builds :pray: in Caineghis’ case im just waiting for his refine to assure that i dont give him redundant fodder.



Depending on the refine, I could give him either Far or Close save, crafty/special fighter and/or Def/res ideal 4

If I ever get a new Fallen Lilith it is for her. Probably the best unit I merged this year.

Recoil skills doesnt work well with his refine, but i dont have better skills right now.

Best NB chunky tank cat <3

She is on par with Lyre. I cannot tell you the thing she’s tanked so far, she is a champ.

Some progress in any way:


Another beasts. He will be +8 soon but will have to wait a yearish for the +10.

I understimated how good it is his base kit already. The weapon itself is great and i’d love to +10 him between his double special rerun and next year kids return.

What can i say. I hope her legendary banners dont screw me too much. I’m not sure about what skills should I give her.

Sadly, I’m not using him that much. But i have hopes and I’m already merging him slowly to +8.

A big work in progress. I’ll +10 her first and then I’ll choose a build. Waiting for merges.

Same as Tanith.

She is the best, just that.

He is not a priority, but i just give him a vulture sword and a Hrid anyway so he can shine while I put him behind feather and grailwise.

Another one who is not a priority. BUT i have already all his merges ready. He is just waiting on the feather queue

almost READYYYYYYYYY. Whenever he gets his last merge, he will also get a +spd floret.

(I’ll get to the pc in a moment and i Will put them all under spoilers for easier reading of the post. I’ve started too many projects this year lol. EDIT: Done. Added some stuff too <3 )

The one project I'm looking to pull for in a couple weeks

Fully expecting to see a bunch of Frederick though :catslam:

The proposed final build

Also merging this fantastic hat

But she doesn’t like coming home.


Good luck with Gaius next weeks, the final build is fire :muscle:t2:


While still waiting for a non seasonal variant of Felix, I’m working on Legendaries

Chrom got four merges on his last appearance, which I was quite happy about. And along the way…

Legendary Nanna was a complete accident that happened while I was trying to merge Chrom (wild that I got the same number of copies of her as I did of him when I only pulled red when there were no blues to pick from), but she has proven to be one of my best and most fun units to use, so now I want to merge her for real. I will be throwing a few hundred Orbs at red when she returns at the end of next month–and getting some Plumerias as well wouldn’t be bad, either


For some of the units I want to try and finish soon and one that I finished

Never got any of her until AHR where I got the free copy and got 8 more copies in the banner and I wanted her so much so you can bet I’m going to finish her this November

Got one Hatari Azura on her original banner before preceding to get her 5 more times on AHR banner. Hoping to finish her at some point but I don’t think I’ll get 5 copies the next time the banner rolls around lol

I like Ash as a character and got really lucky while summoning on her OG banner so hoping I can get her to +10 at some point with the chances we get for her

Recently finished my NY!Keaton and he’s a monster in Arena and I have so much fun using him :D


Got these two I’m hoping to get to +10 in a couple weeks on the revival banner. Sanaki just kept showing up and now I’m gonna try and get the last few merges, Amelia is cool and I use her quite a bit nowadays.


I finished TT+ merge projects back to back.

  • Ninja Shamir is extremely helpful in Arena, W!Ignatz may be getting Savvy Fighter 3 as soon as I get Kestrel Stance 2 but he’s been extremely solid and H!Sophia needs her Atk/Res Rein + Catch combo but is still a good tank.

  • Florina finally gets enough copies to finish her. All she needs is Sturdy Stance 3 + Atk/Def Rein 3 (and maybe B!Duel Flying 4) with a +Def Floret to be a solid armor slaying tank.

  • Naesala has been done years ago but his amazing refine earned him a +spd floret and P!Naesala manual. Hail the Kilvas King.

  • Ilyana also enjoys her final merges and has the highest res of my barracks so far. She’s a really solid mage tank.

In Progress

These are my main grail projects. (I already have too many to count)

  • Mininnes because he’s smol Innes and he still holds up in the meta
  • Limstella for having stellar art and a solid prf for my Vantage strats. Probably my favorite Morph.
  • S!Elincia because it’s Elincia, her art is amazing and she deserves the best

  • I only got L!Lilina from +7 to +8 via L!Nanna banner so I’ll have to wait until September to try again but B!A!Tiki and B!Seliph have priority so she may take a bit longer. All she needs is Life and Death 4 for extra power.

  • Malice got Vital Astra to keep up the OP swords niche. I’m waiting for A!Fjorm’s banner to win at a good time where I have orbs so I continue getting more Malice merges.

Behold! The banner that nearly killed my CYL6 saving grind. But I’m happy that I pulled for all of them.

  • I got lucky with B!Cecilia’s copies on the banner. I will finish her some other time or next year if I can. Same with B!Sophia if possible.

  • I only got B!Lilina via the spark. I hope I can more merges on her next year or a lucky DSH pull.

  • G!Roy came home -Atk so I needed use a trait fruit on him. But I’m glad I got him.

  • I gave L!Tiki Dragon Wall with Swift Stance 3 and a +res floret and she’s very strong with it.

  • Also gave Kronya her dragonflowers and Lethality for fun

  • Saving my remaining grails for B!A!Tiki and B!Seliph. It’s been hard for me with Spring Sonya, AHR 2022 and Binding Blade bridal banner.

  • Also waiting for resplendent Virion, L’Arachel and Setsuna to get their final merges.

Completed 5* projects

Finished them both last April, B!Hector on one of his weekly revivals, and B!Dimitri on his Hero Fest (getting that last Dimi copy was a pain :feh_morganagrom: but it was worth it)

Slow 5* projects

Pulled my first copy waaaay back on the Christmas 2019 legendary banner (Celica’s iirc), but pulled these recent copies on his daily 3W banner and got a free one on the current TT banner. Asset is res since that’s what my first copy had and none of the other 3 copies had +atk or +def :catroll:

Got 3 copies of her on her release banner, and a merge from the ephemera. Just waiting for her banner to be added to the 4* seasonal rate pool so I can hopefully nab some more seasonals I don’t have (like H!Henry) while I’m merging her. Also Idiot Systems where’s the spark for older seasonals, I’m sure it won’t kill you to have a spark on a banner with older units and no duo :feh_hecstare:

These two are slow weekly revival projects. I’ll pull on them if their banners roll around a time where there are no new seasonals or units I’m interested in. B!Ephraim I only just got while doing a big summoning session at the start of April, and I’m really happy he showed up

I’ll add B!Tiki to my slow merge project list, but if she isn’t red. Also considering slowly merging S!Dimitri whenever he reruns (he’s currently +1 since I got an extra copy just before the spark)

I also have Deirdre and Delthea at +6 and I haven’t tried for either aside from one copy on their release banners lmao

3-4* projects

I have a bunch of these so I’m just going to limit them:

Have the copies, I’m just feather broke like he is in gold

Updated his build with a spare Catherine to honor Billy :feh_dimitrisalute:

Recently updated his build with a Julian manual I got while finishing B!Dimitri. I do have the copies since I dive into red hell a lot, but as previously mentioned, I’m feather broke

Other 3-4* projects I have that have been put on hold for a while:
L’Arachel (+7)
Camilla (+4)
Mercedes (+5)
Basilio (+1)
Merric (+4)
Marcia (+3)
Mordecai (+2)
Nowi (+2)
Clair (+3)

Newly floreted projects

thanks to A!Fjorm and A!Laegjarn (both free pulls), my two favorite units both have florets :feh_ikestare:

Hríd’s remix a while back let me finish my B!Ike’s build and a Ronan I pulled during a big summoning session let me finally give Swift Stance 3 to L!Ike

Grail projects

gave him this meme build during HoF, he just needs feathers :catlie:

Hoarded up grails just in case a favorite got a grail alt I liked, and this is definitely it. I’ve been wanting her to get a summer alt for a while :fgo_gaooo: I’m pulling on tomorrow’s DSH for a N!Shinon for collection, but if I pull a spare copy of him then he’s going straight to her for the Ninja Yumi+, Deadeye, and Solo 4.

Also speaking of other grail projects, I did pull another Near Save recently and I have been thinking about giving it to my +10 BK, though I don’t have any good B slots for him. :catroll: I’d do Special Fighter for an instant Black Luna build, but my only SF food is tied to DC and that would go to waste :catroll:

I guess these count as projects?

For a time my goal was to save as many orbs as I could for Ike’s duo alt, and that did eventually happen but unfortunately they did it on the worst theme for him and gave him another sword alt that is strong because 2022 powercreep lol but doesn’t do much else his other sword alts didn’t already do . Still, I +10’d him because if I didn’t, then I couldn’t keep with my goal of maxing all the Ikes.

It took 2,323 orbs (of the 4,663 I had saved):

L!Ike’s special spamming and Drunk Ike’s DR but one time only and an NFU he can’t use in VGs!!! also a funny guard button and doesn’t care about B!Hector and A!Idunn since he canonically doesn’t know the weapon triangle yet, that’s the stuff he does differently than my other Ikes
Mist is adorable tho and she’s so small that she gets partly covered by the level up stats screen I like the energy of that as a pfp

and got this on the way since Idiot Systems thinks red colorsharing is a fun experience:

I don’t have much reason to use her aside from Mjölnir Strike Upper Area (don’t get me wrong, I like Mia and she’s a fun character, but if I wanted to use an infantry sword with DR and NFU, I’d use the one she was colorsharing with even if she gets both of them on better conditions than he does), but I merged her for the funnies and gave the extra copy to the toddler above to help his special spamming.


thought I’d go for a funny def meme build on the starving toddler

Overall I got a bunch of good stuff from this summoning session, including the above units, a toddler Soren for collection, B!Ephraim, an extra B!Ike for a meme second build, an A!Mareeta (that will be OG Ike food once I get another floret), Ronan, Charlotte… the list goes on, but I’ll stop here


This year:

Super proud of my blue wall

Speedy demon

And a totally original unit I was kinda forced to build because of the oppresing meta


I’ve since ascended his def and put the recent atk/def catch seal on him. Good ol Rein actually has defense against things now while still being his good ol self.

I swap his seal for atk/def solo when things get serious but Lex is really fun with the classic DC and Vantage.

A little late to the party but I’ve been wanting to build Miniverva for a while. She still gets the work done with debuff stacking. Feels good to have a bulky flier that isn’t allergic to arrows. She even takes magic fairly well.



In progress: