Unit Suggestion: Edelgard, Imperial Princess

Now that I’ve fired up my unit suggestions again, I’m back. New week, new unit. This week, I wanna warm up with some new characters in anticipation of the new game.

Edelgard: Imperial Princess

“Such a brutal, irrational world we live in. Some believe the Crests, tokens of the Goddess’s power, are necessary to maintain order. But they’re wrong, Teacher. The Crests are to blame.”

Edelgard is the princess and heir of the Adrestian Empire and a student at the Officer’s Academy in Garreg Mach Monastery. She’s also the house leader of the Black Eagles.

HP: 45
ATK: 35
SPD: 36
DEF: 35
RES: 24
MOV: Armored

BST: 175

Weapon: Imperial War Axe (Axe) - “MGT: 16. At start of turn, grants Atk+4, SPD+4 to allies within 2 spaces for 1 turn. Granted only if number of that ally’s movement type on current team ≤ 2.”
Support: Rally DEF/RES+ - “Grants Def/Res+6 to an adjacent ally until the end of the turn.”
B: Drag Back - “If unit initiates attack, the unit moves 1 space away after combat. Foe moves into unit’s previous space.”
C: ATK Opening - “At start of turn, grants Atk+6 to ally with the highest Atk for 1 turn. (Excludes unit.)”

Following Byleth my ideas for the ineavitably-upcoming Three Houses characters, I’m going to draft ideas for Edelgard and the other House leaders. As my favorite of the three, Edelgard preceeds Dimitri and Claude. Edelgard fills the role of a speedy armored-axe, not unlike Amelia and picnic Felicia. I decoded to make her Armored based on the fact that her canon promotion is armored. In the same vein, Dimitri and Claude will be Mounted and Flying, respectively. As a leader of people, Edelgard fill the role of a speedy support tank, buffing the allies around her with her presence alone.

Imperial War Axe: I adapted the ability for her axe from one of her Cipher abilities, Tandem Emblem, which grants attacking units +10 ATK. Filling Edelgard’s role as a leader, her presence in battle drives her allies to fight harder in her name.
Rally DEF/RES+: Following Edelgard’s theme of supporting her people, a Rally skill seemed the most appropriate for her, considering the buff her axe can potentially grant, allowing her to support a complete array of allies, or provide massive support to a Blade Tome.
Drag Back: Another skill borrowed from Cipher. “The Empire’s Influence” allows Edelgard to select an enemy and move them. In this case, adapted into them being moved after being attacked.
ATK Opening: Adapted from one of her Cipher abilities, “An Eye for the Bigger Picture,” which allows her to grant a chosen ally +10 ATK.

Thoughts on my idea? Comments, maybe? Concerns? Lemme know, feedback is welcomed. If you have someone you want me to take a crack at, feel free to ask that, too.

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Groans of Increasing Discomfort

Here, fixed it for you

I feel like she wouldn’t make a splash
She probably would be forgotten unit wise
A unit like Amelia is better in every way
BK surpasses them
I think they would need something better to boost them

I love her already.

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Not to be rude, but tough. Edelgard promotes to Armored, so I made her Armored. Even if she didn’t, with four characters and four movement types (with Byleth being Infantry and Claude being flying), one of them is gonna be armored. May as well be the one who actually is armored, yeah? I don’t just draft Infantry units, despite the fact that only one unit of batch 3 isn’t.

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If I had to guess, her base form will be infantry, while her legendary alt that she’ll inevitably get will be based on her post time-skip self, and she’ll be armored then, at least that’s my guess


Well, considering that this draft of Edelgard, BST-wise, ties or beats Amelia in everything except HP, where she’s 2 less, Edelgard’s base kit isn’t set yp to work like Amelia’s. But the base kit can be changed. Give her something like SS3, and her base kit becomes offense-oriented at 57 ATK and 43 SPD, unmerged. Her base kit, like all the base kits of my drafts, are based around their roles and/or uses, Edelgard’s being a leader; but just like every unit, there’s nothing forcing that kit to stay.

Quite possibly, but I need to get more units out than just infantry. So far of batch 3, only Anankos isn’t. So I plan to make each of the TH units fill a different role. Byleth is Infantry, and Claude is flying since we know he gets a Wyvern. Edelgard becomes armored, which leaves Dimitri as a cavalier.

Amelia’s prf
Miles better than Edelgard’s, as it works on a variety of teams
As well, if not beat by Amelia, beat by Heccdaddy

Imperial war axe and atk opening are bound to have some overlap so I’m already not a fan of this base kit. Edelgard is the pretty female protagonist of the game so she’d have 5 skills for sure. Rather than just support, she needs some self buffs as well in order to stand out properly. As this kit is now, I’d probably only pull one copy for the character herself but I wouldn’t bother trying to merge.

EDIT: what unit comes with drag back anymore lmao

Amelia’s PRF affect only her, however. Edelgard isn’t about buffing herself, she’s about supporting her team and improving everybody’s efficiency, without needing a buff prior.

And if you’re talking about Legendary Hector, of course she isn’t single-handedly better. She’s not a legendary unit, whoch always tend to be a notch above.

But it’s really inconsistent
On her preferred team setup, it is not going to be able to hit off the effect
So it is a practically useless prf
Also Amelia has a special cooldown as well

You’re looking at her simply for the base kit, though. There’s much more usability to units beyond what they come with. Edelgard’s biggest attraction isn’t her support value, it’s her stat spread. With SS3, unmerged, she’s at 57 ATK and 43 SPD. +10, she’s at 61 ATK and 47 SPD. Even SS2 puts her at 55 and 40 unmerged.

And yes, ATK Opening and her axe could potentially have some overlap. That’s why ATKO gives a stronger buff than the axe. I initially planned the axe to give +6ATK and SPD. But I dialed it down specifically because of the Opening skill, which will overwrite the Axe’s +4 ATK.

Again, Amelia’s axe is Amelia-centric. They fill two different roles. It’s akin to saying that Amelia is better than Grima. Offensively, potentially, but they fill different roles.
Sync Edelgard’s axe with DEF and RES Tactic, and she can buff every stat of all non-cavaliers within two spaces. Or replace her kit with something more offense-oriented and she becomes a capable attacker with a touch of team support. It’s no secret that there’s more to a unit than their base kit.

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Another issue I have yet to present
Tactics don’t work well on armored units
You either have to have another armored unit with her or armored boots, and even then she has limited mobility because one hit and less movement
Again, Edelgard is just a worse Amelia
Amelia beats her in combat strength and defense with her prf
Also, a unit like Titania or Seth would be a better tactics user
She just is beaten in every area


On an armored unit? Debatable. I can slap this skill on someone else who can use it better.

I still think she’s pretty lackluster as she is now, her stat spread isn’t that impressive considering that we have units like Amelia and picnic Felicia who have better prfs and similar stats. If this unit came in like early book 2 meta then she’d be cool but not now


Except that Edelgard still doesn’t fill the same role that Amelia does. While she can be built to fill a similar role, offense vs support isn’t a solid comparison. Amelia’s prf buffs her SPD and DEF because she’s more offense-oriented. Edelgard fills more of a buffer’s role, strengthening her team, while being able to hold her own. To say that Amelia is better than Sheena because she gets SPD and DEF from her prf is a false equivalency, as Sheena can only use half of that.

As for Titania and Seth, they can hold a max of three Tactics on them. Edelgard can carry four. While Titania and Seth offer +2 over a certain single stat, Edelgard offers buffs on all of them.
(i.e. 2 less SPD than Seth, but also offering ATK on top of DEF and RES.)

To push 50 SPD without a boon? Yeah, I’d say it would be a good call.

Again, Amelia and Felicia are specidically focused on single offense. Edelgard focuses more on team-oriented maps.
Well, her base kit does.

Issue again though is Seth and Titania Have better mobility
If she was an infantry unit she would be good, but being an armor unit with Tactics doesn’t work