Units you like using

So, lets share units you enjoy using, be that +10 or +0, here are mine (all units builds was recreated in unit builder cause i’m making post using pc)
Morgan i sorta like mages and since i got H!Nowi, HS!Camilla and now even Sigrun using blade tome mages became a fun thing (especially with Lzura). What makes her stand out in my book is that she can tank couple of hits if required, wich was quite helpfull

OG Cecilia
she is my core for horse emblem and she isn’t going anywhere, she still can tank one hit if needed her b slot is open and if Reindaddy is close her speed gets up to 40

Her base kit is good and she used to one shot B!Lyn, i run her with Cecilia as buffer in earth season if Xander isn’t here to help

Speaking of Camus archetype from fates (broken one tho) here comes Xander, i was happy heroes path gave one copy of him for free. I did quite a few things with him, i tried to fix his speed so he could take some magical damage from greens, i gave him bonfire even tho i always struggled to pull Robin or Tiki (you know, my merge project)

First unit to actually get my grails, i’m not eagered to finish her, however as she has stats equal to 5*+10 thanks to dragflowers, her help in AR and GC can hardly be covered in words, she is simply too good for free unit and i love her this way

I love her refine, i tend to hate TA weapons but on unit who is there to support it’s fine enough, she is good against colorless and blues, her standout factor is her res and her being cavalry.

Her atk focused build is simply too good to not use, my best merged unit so far

my one and only AR carry unit

(you probably got by now that i love horses but tolerate me a bit, would you?)
Great support for cavs and can hit hard enough with one hone cav (also love her art)

Yeah, another cav archer, this one is great at running double brazzens or one in his a slot.

My fav staff unit for one reason, her physics staff, no picture case i run her base kit
my fav mage so far, no picture here as his build is pretty standart, he is 5*+2, however, i gave him firts merge to change his ivs, he was +spd -hp (got at 5*), i got +atk - somtheng and then i got free one as neutral.


Definitely Bartre. :feh_bartre:
Being able to get into Wrath + Brazen range after just one combat is awesome. After that he’s popping off Wrath boosted Glimmers almost every other turn.

Note that this image is old, he has one more merge now.


All of those guys



I don’t need to really explain much, but I try and use them all equally.



Probably my favorite unit, she’s just perfect. Amazing support, with Balm activating every turn, Def Tactic and a 24 HP heal Physic, as well as great combat with 41 speed and 54 attack when Atk/Spd Solo is in play without getting countered as well as chipping down 10 HP from multiple enemies for free.

Linus is just so good on both phases, he gets rid of annoying ranged units with ease with 72 atk (w/brazen, pretty much 79 when Def Smoke is in play ) and Vantage and he does some serious damage on PP with that 45 speed of his.

Just a great all-round tank. Dragons? No problem. Daggers? Easy. Mages? Don’t make me laugh. Archers? Iote’s Shield says hi. And on top of that she provides fantastic utility with Guidance 3.

My second grail project and oh boy is this Fiora powerful. Under the right conditions in play she can get up to 65 attack, 55 speed and 38 def when she initiates combat. One-shotting green units is so fun and not many red units can survive either. No swimsuit can stop her!

Sophia the ultimate ranged wall. She gets well over 50 def and res on EP with WTA against colorless foes. Archers and Daggers have no chance and she’ll stop any Green and Red tome user foolish enough to attack her. She’s no longer in danger like in FE6, SHE’S the danger now!

A very fun unit to use. Whenever she procs Glacies it’s a just a sight to behold and with Special Spiral and Warding Breath it’s very easy to get. She has very good mixed bulk on EP and that speed not only stops her from getting doubled but it also lets her work on PP, with her refine boosting her Special’s damage and being anti-armor she can do a lot of damage.


Ignoring my main and completed units I do enjoy using Legion, Felicia and M!Marth and also Donnel but they need the merges and finished builds.


This guy.

I really like his quad tactic, that’s all. Now I’m looking for a +Res copy of him.


Pulled from my archives because I don’t feel like digging through albums


(Forgot to fix. Norne not merged yet, neutral nature. CC and Devilish Bow correct)

(Serra currently has +3 Spd and Wind Balm. Everything else right)

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The units that I like using as of right now who hasn’t capped HM are Altina, Igrene, Nino(sf), Gerik ,Sothis,Mercedes,Athena and Mareeta(the new og version).There are a abundance of units I like to use,but when I cap HM I stop using them alot less and only when I specifically need or want to use there skill set for something.

My current team is literally 3 reds and Gerik right now :joy:


My main girl. She serves me well.


Need something dead? Kagero’s got you.


Her weapon and FB4 combine for some fun true damage shenanigans. And Pavaise w/ shield pulse makes her surprisingly tanky.


Dying is for chumps. He’s one tanky dude and Iove it.


A well rounded and versatile unit. Which is what I like about her. And galeforce is always fun.


Watch as I make your defense disappear! Nuking stuff with her is fun.


Her prf assist is really fun, and her build is unique and also quite fun. Makes her quite tanky. Long term merge project.


The oft hated mustache man himself, I just like Bartre. +spd is fun and brazens work well with his weapon.


A newer one that I haven’t used much. But she can nuke the hell out of you with that 20 true damage on special.


My first 5 star who’s been with me from the start. He’s good at what he does, laughing in the face of reds and colorless units.


Best chicken! Adorable and a great tank!


A case of “I should use you more.” His splash damage is fun to mess around with. Tempted to build Kempf for the same reason ngl.


An unusual one, but she makes for a fun tank. Can be hard to kill.


Because the standard SB + LB + Aether build is boring, I gave my Nowi something more unique. She’s on my tactics team and the stat stacking makes her a force to be reckoned with. Really need a +spd copy though.

the girls (+ alm and berkut)

(Ignore his half done build, we workin on it)


My favorite Lord, I’m building him towards a Quadding setup. He still needs Mystic Boost amd a nonexistent Rouse ATK/SPD.


She needs her weapon’s refinement before I start using it, but with my new Owain fodder, I’m gonna gove her Wrath and Blue Flame for additive true damage and a Brazen A/S seal.


My go-to Armor killer.

Needs Close Call.


My first +10 Sword unit. Needs Galeforce and Close Call. Usually uses FB seal, she’s one of my favorite sweepers. While I usually use Byleth more these days, Soleil steps in when more RES is needed.

Byleth (F)

My go-to sweeper. Fast, powerful, and difficult to survive. Her Windsweep lets her engage most all melee enemies with no risk to herself.

Brave Roy

My chief pitybreak, he ended up really growing on me as a unit when I started using him more. Needs SS3.


He can take a hit and deal one like nobody’s busjness, and his Sol Lance gives him survivability unparallelled in his archetype.


While Forsyth has a better mix-phased presence, Effie still reigns supreme among my Armors as an offensive f–kmachine. Deathblow PRF when?


My first +10, she’s my favorite aerial tank. I plan to give her a new offensive build, but I need fodder first.


Is it really any surprise why I like her? She’s pretty unanimously awesome, far as I can tell.


My go-to when I need something killed in such a way thay their next-of-kin can’t ID them. I have a few builds for her including Hack-o’-Lantern and LD4, she’s my most trustworthy attacker in most every situation.


My first Armored unit, I need to finish building her as a monument of where I started. She’s a solid wall with a nasty counterattack, even if she’s not my go-to.

Winter Lissa

A unit I pulled twice during her release banner, but stupidly foddered one, I enjoy using her but I never really got around to building her in earnest.
What she’ll look like when I’m done:


My favorite aerial support unit.


A uniy I used frequently early on, but used less when I got Camilla. Now, with her refine, she’s an almost unkillable aerial wall with a real monster of an Ignis.

Legendary Alm

My go-to bow for obvious reasons. Still my favorite Lord.

Halloween Sakura

My crucial antimage. She can take on any mage with basically no risk beyond a special activation.

Bridal Tharja

In CQC maps, her proximity to her teammates makes her significantly more dangerous. With +13 ATK/SPD, max, she is a much bigger threat than she seems.

Summer Elise

Do…do I need to explain this at this point?

I’ll be debuting a new build for her once I have the fodder.


I like Rhajat.

I could run double Fury on her if I wanted. With Desperation instead of Renewal, it would make her a remarkeable threat.

Brave Camilla

I have won so many Aether attacks due to her counter-cancelling staff and ridiculous offensive stats. She’s perhaps my most important AR unit.


A unit I +10’d through sheer luck, he’s my primary counter-tank. He cares very little and I have seen him ruin entire days.


I adore Velouria, and she’s one of my favorite attackers. Once I have Mirror Impact fodder, I wholly plan to make her my Dragon counter.


That’s the worst thing ever

In pve, i like to use my favorite characters if there’s a workable unit for them in the game that doesn’t demand insane feathers or fodder. So for me, i use all the micaiahs, clair, legendary and brave lyn, brave and legendary lucina, legendary ike, brave and duo ephraim, flyer and infantry nino, catria, celica, og alm and legendary alm, julia and legendary julia, est, wendy, kagero, female kana, both l’arachels, fjorm.and new year fjorm, seliph, legedary leif, sothis, etc.

I also enjoy building teams around legendary heroes and blessings to make pve and quests more interesting. I like the vast majority of legendary and mythics.

I’d like see l!elincia, l!chrom, leonie and some other three houses characters make it into the game.


Good thing I’m not asking for input, then. :feh_camillamug:

you contradict your own statement with wanting him to build towards quadding, but then take +Res and +3 Res
i just don’t get your weird fetish

(Tagging because mobile ain’t saying if I responded to you or the thread)
And when (realistically: “if”) I actually finish him, he’ll still be looking at 49 SPD with ASP4 and a Rouse active. That ties my Byleth, who is hands-down my fastest unit.

Again, I’m not looking for input. I get that you’re the Alm guy here, but I’m not looking to have yours.

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My favourite unit and best girl, perfection in everything (aesthetics, gameplay… you name it). She’s taken me through many maps:


My second favourite and one whose AoEs cripple down her enemies’ HP with potent gales:


She who does her best:


Her [Wing Sword (+eff)] is simply wonderful, dual-effectiveness and [Flashing Blade 3] can allow her to run some interesting stuffs:


The first empress of Begnion and dual wielding:


And my favourite unit to bring in [Røkkr Sieges], S!Ursula introduced the {ruse} skills and they’re really useful in this mode, [Guard] and DEF/RES -5 to the Røkkrs helps a great deal with damages and specials delaying:


Oh and I use Aversa too, really nice debuffing potential:



I just like to use my OG!Gunnthra in a debuff team. Just a +SPD +1 with base kit, but I’m tricking her out if I get her to be a +10 unit. X)


insert my +10 +5 DC Vantage FF.Corrin, Omega Tank Oboro, Brazen Atk/Spd 7 Quadsuna