Units you regret foddering/manualing?

So within the last few days I realized that there are a LOT of units that I mindlessly foddered off or manualed to empty my barracks because I didn’t care about them. But looking back, I regret a lot of those…

e.g. a Duo!Ephraim that I foddered to Ross for HB4 & Lull ATK DEF - the Duo Ephraim I use is +6 now but knowing I basically tossed away a merge is really painful.

Anotger example is Sword Rein who I’d really like to use by now or Rhajat who I foddered off twice and manualed once (before her prf & refine…)

Who do you regret foddering off or manualing?


Well, there was that one time I foddered off two Chroms for Aether because I wasn’t paying attention and ended up giving W!Tharja only Sol off the first one.

There have been a couple times of where I absolutely found it necessary to fodder/manual off a Soleil… so that was unfortunate.

Sent home a couple GHB units that I now have to pay Grails to get back way back in the day(Also a few months ago I sent home that 2* version of Narcian or whomever).


Oof that sucks, at least CHrom is a 4* but it really sucks to have to summon him again and invest 20k feathers…
Also now that you mention W!Tharja… I once foddered CC and her weapon to OG!Lyon and another one for Vengeful Fighter when it was still a rare skill…

As far as GHB/TT units are concerned, I foddered some off (looking at Marisa) who I kinda regret but nothing too crazy I think. I rather regret that I took a break right when W!Felix and NY!Keaton released because now I’d like to build them :frowning:
Buuuut I manualed near all GHB units that I thought I wouldn’t want to build. Now that I actually grind HM and stuff, I could really need some of them… also I forgot to get the DFs on many of those units, too which is probably the worst.


I foddered an Hector to my H!Myrh just so I could finish a blessed garden that gave orbs lol. ■■■■■■ up while foddering a Sais for his C skill a while ago, only got two out of the three skills lol. Also sent home a Masked marth because I ran out of space in my barracks, way before grails or manual were a thing… More recently, I guess I kinda regret giving Felix CC from divine codes because it’s not that good on him imo. As for manual, maybe just all the Mae I manualed because I kinda want to build one and don’t have good IVs for her avalaible.


Oh and also killed a Marisa for Wo dao+ to give to my Soleil when she released lmao. Good thing IP teams are not really meta anymore (but I regretted it when I wanted to build a decent defense team)


Not really because I’m mostly “frugal” with fodder, but the most painful one was foddering a Deirdre for spd ploy 3 for my Arvis 2 weeks before Saias was released…


I generally keep 1 copy of each unit (except Duos who unless I really like one of the characters are instant Fodder/manual - After using crystals to level and claim their flowers) so this is not a problem usually. I did however manual all my copies of Sonia so I can’t get those 40 Dragon Flowers until her rerun - definitely regret that since it’ll require me to pay close attention and remember in 5 months from now which is a lot of time to forget.


none really that I can think about tbh



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Most recently (meaning yesterday) my last Alm for Windsweep. Tried to find a way to counter save balls, but Selena ended up doing 0x2 to Bector anyway so it’s back to the drawing board.

I blame @xchan for this.


i blame chan for that too


3 Clarisse
3 Minerva
2 Camus


Because I hadn’t played Shadow Dragon and New Mystery.


Pain :catsob:


Y!Merric is here for you


not with -Atk he isn’t


Brave celica, killed her when I was new for Reinhardt, rarely use the guy even


Trate frootz himm


All those 4* Masked Lucinas we got. It was before manuals and feathers were rare so I didn’t even consider promoting and merging so sent them home.

She’s my favourite Lord and if manuals had been a thing back then to let me keep them she’d have been a really low cost grail project.


I’m glad I’m not the only one :’)
I sent home 4 or 5 Masked Marths and would love to build her up by now… I don’t feel like investing grails tho…


Same, too pricey on grails from where she is. And with normal Lucina having a resplendent which is essentially a free +5 merges, there’s only a few stat points of difference between her at +2 as I have her and a +10 Masked Lucy. Plus I’d much rather be able to see her face.