Units you regret foddering/manualing?

Foddered a Loki for CD Infantry on a +10 Virion who I don’t even use.


Oh yes… got a few. :fgo_seiba:
Although, fortunately, it doesn’t happen often, or lately… it doesn’t at all as far as I recall.

  • Shamir: although she was +hp/-att, her fodder was still passable and she was a star in the battlefield, shredding a lot of stuff in sight and being a very likeable character for me… but I’m not going to use Ninja Hana (who got [Atk/Spd Solo 4] and [Rouse Atk/Spd 3]) in months until her turn to get merges comes… I mean, I appreciate them both but I think I could’ve made a better decision here, specially since Ninja Hana could have a little support mixed in her build through [Infantry Pulse 3], which I’ve been getting a lot more, or just something cheap… :feh_tooobin:
  • Saias, Julius and Arvis: all three are great characters as is everyone in Jugdral.
    I foddered them to Idoun for the {ploy} skills since she’s collecting all the skills available to her and I didn’t expect @Intelligent_Systems to make those skills much easier to get months after. :feh_tooobin:
    So I’ll just keep the free copies I have left in case I ever get a chance to work on them, I should’ve kept all of them as physical ones since I could send them to a [Reserve Barrack] and have them ready with a hefty load of [SP] to take advantage of [Golden Week] events but oh well, at least I got to do that with Julius.
  • Brave Lysithea: could’ve foddered her to Lilina instead since there was the chance she might’ve used it a lot more often as I plan to make her speedy… but I long foddered my only copy of Brave Lysithea so far… to Deirdre instead, not that I really regret it that much though, since I appreciate her, and I think it’s fun to make seemingly slow units… fast.

Oof, where to begin:

-OG Ike to OG Celica for heavy blade, and OG Celica to OG Ike for distant def. This was before they were both seals and revival banners existing but I was convinced I’d never be able to merge them. Now they’re both projects :catcry:
-F. Celica for chill spd. Just. Why.
-Brunnya for Res smoke
-Arvis and Saias for ploys
-and like 5 copies of B! Ike for SB

Yes, I was not am not very smart


Basically all stuff I could have done xD
Back when ploys and chills were still valuable, I did some silly foddering, too - though I can’t remember who exactly I foddered


There was only one thing I really regret:

Using one Brave Lyn as Atk Smoke fodder. A few weeks later, Kaze was one of the new units in FEH.


Was that my BHector? If so, color me surprised. If not, can I copy the build?

As to stay on topic. I regret foddering my extra Summer Leo to my Lilina for the Atk Ploy because she needed a 240 SP C skill for arena. I never use her anymore.


It was indeed yours

It’s painful seeing +31 Res in the combat forecast


Definitely when I foddered a Karla to an F!Mareeta only to fodder that Mareeta to another Karla. Would have been nice having that one back when I merged Karla.


Not all of these are big regrets, but they’re all things I at least kinda wish I did differently

  • Grinding early copies of F-Robin into feathers. Would have saved me a lot of Grails.
  • Foddering my only Brave Lucina (with poor IV) for Aether long before her refine. I had no idea she would become one of the best supporters in the game
  • Giving Shiro DC a long time ago. I later foddered him to my Oboro. Haven’t pulled another Shiro since
  • Manualling all my +Spd Marths
  • Accidentally manualling the one Altena I’ve ever pulled. Over 14 months later, I still haven’t pulled another one, and her missed dragonflowers continue to taunt me
  • Foddering a Micaiah to Faye for DD back when it was still rare. My Micaiah would be +6 now if not for that, and I barely use Faye
  • Foddering one of the first Fjorms I pulled for Atk/Def Bond to Oboro. Oboro doesn’t even use that skill anymore…
  • Foddering multiple Sigurd for Close Defense (pretty sure it was at least two)

I think that’s about it


That’s a lot of regrets :smiley:
I can relate to B!Lucina… I foddered two for Aether and one for Drive Spd back in the days… now my current B!Lucina is +7 and would appreciate the 3 merges I basically tossed away


I sacked the free Takumi for CC on S!Loki when she came out, and then without thinking just sacked that S!Loki to Kronya when she came out. Not very smart, but at least it made sense to me at the time. Then Duo Fonse came out… literally the perfect fodder for her with CC and Sprial. I felt so stupid because I had foddered a +1 grail unit for a single skill when I could’ve waited a few months to give her 2 skills from a singular unit. Worst part is that I have 2 spare Duofonse sitting around and there aren’t many other ranged units who can utilize the CC+Special Spiral combo as well as DuoFonse/Kronya.

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My only regret is foddering off my money on this game for units/skills that aged poorly which we all probably have experienced by now. If I knew bst increases and crazy refinements and skills were gonna go the way they were i would have saved so much cash by this point…


I don’t really regret any of my foddering decisions tbh. I mean, there’s been times when I got the boon I wanted on a merge project and accidentally manualed them but never regretted any foddering

That might be because I’m too cautious with it and tend to overthink whether I should fodder someone tho lmao


I don’t really regret much in the game.
Maybe i regret not pulling for certain units when i had a chance to (like more Micaiahs, and Annettes etc). - because i was saving for other things. Like. I saved for Brave Dimitri - but i didn’t like brave Dimitri and I was dumb and I didn’t go for Brave Claude merges (but that brave banner was mean for me so there we go, and the dancer banner was mucho goodo). but Celica’s banner was 3 weeks before, so maybe I should have done that. However that was before the 4* special snap - so basically. waiting helped

I guess my one regret is sending my +atk Caeda into barracks because i thought you put them in there, and can pull them out (no, that’s not how it worked and I couldn’t read properly). it then took me an entire year to get a +atk Caeda. (going for hector of all things, it was a full red circle and I was praying to God not to be pity broken by Lyn, and Caeda was there and she was +atk)

but for the most part, I am a firm believer of working with the information that you have, and being comfortable with it. People are like. HAH! big F for people who spent orbs expanding barracks. Well I don’t regret doing that. How was I supposed to know that four years later they were going to have a reserve thing for extra copies?

I don’t regret foddering off Silas/grail units and what not because we didn’t know they would make easier to get more grail units (I mean heck. its been 2 years and they STILL haven’t refreshed the daily GHB quests and stuff.

honestly, I build the units i like, get the units i like, and honestly even some of the older ones (with the right skills)can still mess you up. most of the decisions i’ve made or the units i’ve gone for mostly all get use some time or another so it all comes out in the wash

oh maybe my other regret was maybe not playing sooner? i would have had more options sooner i suppose


Brave Hector, i didn’t like the unit (also because another armor) so i didn’t keep him.

Halloween Nowi, i love her art, but she was aging so bad and i didn’t expect a seasonal refine. Also, i needed the fodder i had given her >.>
I wish i had keep her, her refine is fun.

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I foddered CC to M!Morgan and i felt like it wasnt working that well on him for a couple of years, but his refine has made me not regret it anymore. I also kinda regret foddering nah to mercedes for his Infantry breath skill to emulate BLucina’s refine but cheaper. I got BLucina shortly after that :_

Its not foddering nor manualing, but i merged my 5*+1 L’arachel to a 4* L’arachel with better ivs by mistake, when she got the refine. And i had to expend an extra 40.000 feathers to max-merge her.