Unity Blooms v. Luminous Grace?

Rolling for skills on my Bridal Tharja Forma, she already had Unity Blooms (and A/S Unity), but I just rolled Luminous Grace, from Scion Julia. Which skill makes for the better skill to give her to run with this setup?

Grace gives stronger healing and a boost to Speed, but is reliant on HP.
Unity gives a boost to ATK and defenses and is more reliant on positioning, but syncs better with her skills.


It does not matter cause you’re gonna use her PRF.

But between the two, i prefer Luminous Grace.
You want SPD more than you want Res, and HP requirement is a very condition, especially with the 10 HP heal at start of each turn. :feh_myrrhthink:


With Luminous she’ll always be at 25%+ during her first combat since 25%46 is 11 so yah the Hp requirement on it is meaningless for her lol


Not necessarily. It would depend on the map. Really, I’d mostly use her PRF on a map where it’s easy to proc her A/S Form, since it syncs better.

And the healing from Mystic Boost, potentially 2, giving her a good sum of self-sustain.


Ended up going with Luminous Grace.