Unity Blooms vs. Corvus Tome

You think it’s worth pulling for it?
Short comparison is that Corvis Tome wins by +1 Atk/Def/Res+Guard, but U.Blooms have a 7 HP healing effect, which stacks even further with Mystic Boost.

And it can be refine, which can potentially add some more stats (i.e extra Def/Res).
…Those even stats look sexy as hell.

So it’s a matter of whether it’s worth giving up Guard, really.


I’d say guard is too important, preventing specials is better than 7 extra hp healed each fight


Keep Corvus Tome. Specials are what tear apart slow tanks like Henry, and you’re gonna be taking a lot of them with 37 Atk, Ignis as your main source of damage, and no way to double.


I like how bullshit damage reduction is when a 70 Def Henry can’t oneshot like a Mareeta because jjaja I’m fast and apparently that somehow translates to bulk.


DR skills like Close Call seem to be FEH’s answer to dodge tanking in the main games, since FEH has no accuracy/evasion mechanics. The units “dodge” a chunk of the damage with their high Spd. That’s also why Deadeye ignores DR, as I believe it was a skill that gave perfect accuracy, IIRC.

I won’t argue that it’s not ridiculous, but I can understand the view behind it


I like to think of it as them being quick enough to barely dodge the attack, fitting as one of the dr skill’s name is close call


but they still take the hit
and somehow take less damage :D

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Remember when bulk actually meant being bulky and not tHeY aRe BuLkY bEcAuSe ThEy AvOiD tHe DoUbLe


Doesn’t corvus give you raventome effect too? I wouldn’t lose that dual effectiveness, especially with jackasses like L!Claude’s impending arrival.


If you’ve got a unit with Tannenbaton you could still pull off Guard. Especially since you need to be close to an ally for U.Blooms to activate.

The guard effect and the raventome effect is huge. I use him in AR D as a frontline unit and he shuts down a lot of galeforce users . The Colorless effectiveness might become more relevant if Lynja wins AHR.

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It’s really easy for that to take effect. It’s just two spaces. I used to have to work with adjacent spaces, and I was still fine pulling off 1-2 adjacents.

yeh I completely forgot imao
Not worth the orbs now.