Unlocking KnK soundtrack & Shiki Voice Line?

So I’ve cleared all the mission and quest available in this event. Yet I don’t see I can unlock its soundtrack. Also I’m pretty sure all shiki line in in shop should be unlock like previous wellfare servant, but still locked somehow. Do I wait for this event closed or am I missing something?

Is like the other shop servants,you have to wait till the end of the event

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Okay thx for ur information

No problem

I don’t think we’ll get option to unlock soundtrack.
These collab events, CCC incl. don’t have that.
Even EoR soundtracks aren’t available.

eor should be available in a later update, probably around late march-mid april. but any music pulled from other things (so basically any collab event bgms) are never added to the soundtrack section of the game


Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to find all the tracks on YouTube. Yuki Kajiura is quite a popular composer, after all.

I just want to enjoy the music while in my room menu. It’s annoying to open another app just to play the music. But well, I hope we’ll got those collab ost one day.