Unown hatch rate

hey can everyone who views this tell me how many 10k eggs they’ve hatched since the ultra bons started and how many unowns out of the supposed 10k eggs please help

mine is 0/5

According to The Silph Road website, their findings so far indicate roughly a 2% to 2.6% chance of getting some form of Unown from the 10k Egg during this event. Fingers crossed. Just got my first 10k this morning and trying to hatch it now. I got about 15 eggs before I got my first 10k. I wonder if they messed with those drop rates at all for this event to make it even more difficult/buy more incubators? Let the theories begin! lol.

I’m 0 / 9 :frowning:

oh so bad i am sending luck hopefully your way
it may work or no i gues you could say its unown haha get it unown pun
ps sorry for cheesey comedy

Gimmie a U!

This was #3. I was really excited about getting one, so I nabbed the adventure box for the super incubators. Then I remembered distance was already halved. Might try and focus on filling my box with 10ks now not too sure

I incubate a fair amount of eggs, mostly for the research task Hatch 5 eggs for 3 rare candy. Since the event started, my only 10K egg came from Adventure Sync. That was a 2 star Shinx, same as the last three weeks.

Gimmie a T!!

I’m lucky I guess. This was only my sixth 10K hatch since the event. From what I’m hearing, I’m fortunate to have gotten that many 10k eggs for the crap shoot. I made sure to clear out everything that was older. So i’ll keep going in the hopes I get more. I haven’t been able to attend any events, so this is my very first one. Finally!!

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1/6 and I got a T

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I’m 1/2 right now. I hatched a T as well.

0/7 just looking at yesterday’s hatches. 2 Dratini, 2 Larvitar, 2 Munchlax (fucking why), 1 Beldum. Not a single one worth keeping. Egg inventory currently at 8/9 consisting of entirely 5ks with one 10k.

This is why I don’t normally buy into egg events. They’re entirely too much of a gamble with the egg system being this game’s equivalent of a loot box mechanic. The last egg event I went hard on was last year’s Ultra Unlock so I could hatch a Kangaskhan, the only regional I needed. Took me 63 goddamn eggs before finally getting it.


im at 0/7 now but have 3 yet to hatch

It’s the same as any other medium-rare 10km product like Bagon or Porygon.

Hatched around 30 10km eggs? Got 4.

Too true.

the odds of even hatching, let alone getting the 10k’s for unown are just abysmal. I was spending super inubators at the start, now, I just gave up, I got a T from a lucky encounter a few months back, so all I need to do it find someone to lucky mirror with, at least the reduced distance has been good for hatching 7ks.

That’s about what I’m getting too. Dratini x2, Larvitar x2, Bagon, Beldum, Shinx, Aerodactyl and Sableye. (And a Porygon, though that one might have been an older 10km egg)

Meh. I’m over Egg events; if it’s not getting terrible hatches (hi Marill from the Water event. MARILL, not Azurill. Yay.) it’s me getting 5km eggs instead of 10km (when good stuff is in 10km) or 2km (when the good stuff is in 2km eggs). Too much work for no reward.

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Remember the Adventure Sync Hatchathon earlier in the year that despite advertising a higher frequency of 10k drops was actually statistically proven to yield lower 10k drops overall? Fun times. Hatch events advertising more than reduced distance or double hatch candy/dust are a joke.


I must be missing the joke because adding the single rarest Pokemon that can spawn in the wild to 10k eggs is pretty nice. And as advertised, they are rare hatches.

0/8 i hatched a god damn happiny when i alleready have 6 maxed out hundo blisseys on 1 of my accounts

May the force be with you Yoda!!..and still no luck with 10km eggs…

just got back im now 3/12 hactching u a and t in a row like his a, u, t 1 is an undo an undo is 100Iv unown and one had hidden power dark so i could beat most unown 1v1