Unsure about 4 Star single and Multi Rate up

Since Miyu is coming very soon i would like to know what the Rate ups for a single 4-Star Servant is and a Banner with 2 4-Star servants.

If I remember correctly, 1.5 for single, 1.2 for each servant in the other case.

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So my overall chance to get a 4star is higher on double rateup as 2.4>1.5 or is it that it is less as 1.2<1.5?

The overall chance of getting any SR is always 3%, so for each case you have:

  • Double Rate Up: 2.4% chance of getting any of the featured SRs, 0.6% of SR spook.
  • Single Rate Up: 1.5% chance of getting the featured SR, 1.5% of SR spook.