Unwanted SSR

Hello there,

I need some tips on servant Li Shuwen. In recent(current?) event, I rolled 300 quartz with idea of getting Diarmuid(my first gold saber) to preferably np5, at worst np2. I got him to np1 (got spooked by karna, siegfried and suzuka), but to my dread gacha deicded to gift me with three copies of Li Shuwen. Yay.
The thing is, I really don’t care for him, dislike his design, and already have carmilla lvl 70 and regend lvl 75, but leaving 3 copies of SSR servant for a F2P seems like a massive waste. Should I just get rare prisms for mystic code for him? Or just raise him to get some fp from support?

Li Shuwen will become a powerhouse once Castoria comes about and even at np 1 he’s better than carmilla. I would recommend raising him to the max, an np3 SSR for a F2P is invaluable


Why the hell would you burn a NP3 SSR? He would be amazing and beat out your other assassins easily.


Is anyone else bored of these threads? Just burn him tbh.


Unless you have a stacked roster, you can get waaaaay more benefit from an np3 SSR than a mystic code. And since you only mentioned carmilla not even max leveled and a grailed 1*, it really doesn’t sound like you have a stacked roster.

As much as I love my own kojirou (lvl 80), he still has 1* stats only slightly improved by the grails, all of my sr/ssr have 1k to 4.5k more atk than him and can easily out damage him.

Besides of the mystic codes, the standard ones, especially plugsuit, are what are used most often anyway.


A NP 3 SSR is ten times better then any Mystic Code


You don’t deserve badass old men OP.


F2P flex threads that could just as well be trolls? Always bored of that shit.
Threads that are just there to complain about all the stuff you don’t like about the game? Same, but they’re growing even more tiresome by the day.

At least this one didn’t missuse the term “spook”, which is basically all they have going for them, in my book.


Trolls live for salt and overreactions. Better to give them the benefit of the doubt and answer seriously than to make an angry reply.

Rare prisms are never more valuable than an SSR. The gameplay value of them cannot be overstated. Nothing in the RP shop is better than them. At np3, they get massive boosts to their np damage, something that most F2P players can only dream of. At the end of the day, it’s your Chaldea and you can do what you want with it but burning even copies of an SSR is a massive waste.


If you genuinely intend to actively avoid using him under all circumstances, I guess you’ll get more value out of the RP technically - I have a friend who did a similar thing with Archer Arjuna. But Li is not only a fantastic unit for anyone but is a clear frontrunner for your Assassin slot and, at NP3, quite possibly your ST boss killer slot irrespective of target class, barring Casters.

If you can tolerate him enough to use him, there’s absolutely no sense in burning him. Even if you can’t, keep one copy for bond rewards and Valentine CEs for making bombs.



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Never burn an SSR that isn’t your sixth copy. Ever. Rare prisms are a luxury item and nothing in the shop is worth burning an SSR. Especially not the Mystic Codes. The best Mystic codes are the ones you get for free, with only 2004 being a notable game changer, and only then when you need it for NP looping comps.

At NP3 he is better than all of the Assassins you’ve listed that you have. Food for thought.

Since those are who you’ve named , I’m just going to say don’t even bother burning him. I just summoned Bradamante a few days ago and I can’t stand her. Imo she is a terrible Lancer, will I burn her ? No. She is going to net me SQ’s with bond, and if she gets RuQ or a strengthening quest. & I do have better options than her.

I rolled for my Li who is also NP3, I did a little over 40 multi’s between his day with Diarmuid. Diarmuid Np3 , while Tomoe never appeared once when on her rate up with Li. It happens , rng is rng and split rate up typically sucks. The fact that you for a very good ST SSR to NP3 with so little SQ is something you should be happy about on it’s own.

If you plan to use Li, he pairs well in fasted paced Crit teams & stalls with Tamamo, Waver, Merlin, Jeanne and other servants. Not to mention he is going to be relevant still when Castoria arrives down the road. Now if you are like me and enjoy solo gameplay , he is also an excellent servant choice for that. Mine will personally be paired against every class, screw class advantage.

your NP3 Li will do more damage with his NP than your kojiro would even if you finished grailing kojiro all the way to 100. even moreso when he gets his NP upgrade, even moreso when artoria caster comes out to support him, even moreso when you consider that because of base stats his normal cards will always do more damage than kojiro’s. most f2p players would kill for an np3 limited or story-locked SSR, and you got that (and another SSR) in only 300 quartz. I don’t think you fully appreciate how ridiculously good that luck is, even if you didn’t get what you were trying to get



Burn him and use the rare prisms to buy friend points to roll the fp Gacha for a second np5 Regend!


People like this pain my blackened soul… I spent 500 on old man li and he didnt show, but this fool wants to waste him, who’s better than their other assassin options… Smh


I gave up trying to explain what a spook was in my firet year XX




Burning an np3 ssr servant smh. Then again it’s your decision. A wasteful one, that is.

Rule of thumb here: If you gotta ask, then burn. :boom:

Some choice items for your brand new RPs:

Code Removers – You can never have enough of these.
4 * Fous to upgrade the servants you do care about.
Friend Points so you can pull the brand-new servants arriving this anniversary.
Trial Quests, because they’re free tickets.
Melty Sweetheart, so you never have to fear male boss fights again. That’s like 1/2 of your battles reduced to EZ mode status! Plus cute Mashu.
Beginning of the Journey, because FP – see above.
Heroic Portraits – Exchange that hateful Old Man art for beautiful art of a servant you do like.

Goredolf is onto you.