Up to Summer 7 AOE Looping spreadsheet discussion

All right. So instead of clogging up S.Ibuki’s thread about the current potential of available AOE Loopers in JP and soon-to-be NA, I have made a thread to discuss aspects of this ranging from comps, to damage, and everything in-between.



This post is about whether or not Maou has ursurped the titile of strongest avenger from Space ishi when looking at DKS + Oberon & New plugsuit & Bunyan CE. According to the spread sheet, Maou can dish out around 300k while space ishi cranks out around 256k with the card buff missing. So my question is, if the card buff hits, what would the damage be? Would it boost the damage up by an additional 50K? Or would it be less?

Another thing would be the main zerkers: Arjuna Alter, Morgan, and Cheerbuki.

Morgan is using “Cranking” ce and DKS + Oberon, new plugsuit. Arjuna is using “Arial Drive”, DKS + Oberon, new plugsuit, while Ibuki is just using BG, DCS, and 2004 Mc. However, Next summer, we get an equivalent CE “Ocean Flyer”. That Ce is the arts version of “Bunyan” Ce. So I was thinking that instead of using BG, what would be the numbers if using Ocean Flyer and Oberon? Would they be the same as Arjuna or Morgan, or would they actually be lower?

I tried to use the np calculator on gp and its a little tricky to use, but i was able to get around 600k with earth attribute for ibuki, and since it didn’t have the new plug suit mc, I couldnt do that one. So what I did was add in the buffs manually and got something disappointing and surprising. With the super-effective mod on, Morgan does around 400k, while Arjuna does around 230k. But if you look at the spread sheet, the numbers are completely different. Even Maou was around 170k.

She never lost it!

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I’m ready for the buff to her s3, it’s a shame that even now her damage is too low.

I used her in the event since Scathach and Cu are Divine (bonus damage from NP), then Cu is Sky (bonus damage from s2), plus event bonus damage - she left both of them alive, and Scathach was alive by quite a bit. Also it was turn 3 so her s1 had maxed out.

I know mine is NP1, the event CE sucks, and we’re stacking a lot of the same type of damage buff but it still hurt to see her not even hit 100k. Getting a larger battery, Buster Up, and then the buffs from better supports will be a game changer.

Also Nobukatsu soon will also be a pleasant change

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Are you saying that Mayo never lost the title of strongest avenger? If yes, then uhh not according to the tier list. :catskully:

Can’t lose what you don’t have

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Are we talking about Maou or Sapce ishi? Feel like I’m mixed up right now.

You were talking to a Maou simp. They will always tell you she is the best :slight_smile:

Being the best looping Avenger and the strongest Avenger were never the same thing.

And the tier list is always relative.