Upcoming Ascension Mats

All of this information is readily available, but I thought I’d make a quick reference guide for what mats will be available in the near future. It was helpful to me to see what is on the horizon so I can focus on farming the other parts of my mats needs on trying to get my main support list finished on getting to 10/10/10. So assuming that we get all events as predicted:

X-Mas Rerun:
- 10 Divine Wines
- 10 Cursed Gallstones
- 10 Hearts
- 10 Tearstones
- 10 Lamps
- 20 Lanugos
- 20 Magatama
- 20 Horseshoes
- 30 Chains
- 30 Iron Stakes

X-Mas 2020:
Lotto Boxes: (per box)
- 3 Bones
- 3 Fangs
- 2 Horseshoes
- 2 Crystals

- 10 Spirit Roots
- 20 Claws of Chaos
- 20 Dawnlight Reactor Cores
- 10 Scarabs
- 20 Horns
- 20 Seashells
- 20 Medals
- 30 Hero’s Proofs
- 30 Gunpowders

Exhibition Matches:
- 3 Needles
- 3 Stakes
- 3 Feathers
- 3 Steels
- 4 Permafrosts
- 4 Black Grease
- 4 Dragon Scales
- 5 Hearts

New Year’s Event:
- 10 Wines
- 10 Hearts
- 10 Bells of Tranquility
- 20 Magatama
- 20 Black Grease
- 20 Giant’s Ring
- 20 Lanterns
- 30 Void Dust
- 30 Stakes

Renovation Questions:
- 3 Bones
- 3 Hero Proofs
- 3 Chains
- 3 Serpent Jewels
- 3 Pages
- 3 Medals
- 3 feathers
- 3 Horns
- 3 Scales
- 3 Claws
- 3 Roots

- 10 Fluids
- 2 Lanugos
- 2 Stingers
- 2 Permafrost
- 1 Gallstone

Cumulative Total of Available Materials (Not Counting Lotto Boxes)
- 20 Divine Wines
- 11 Cursed Gallstones
- 25 Heart of the Foreign God
- 10 Tear Stones
- 10 Lamps of Sealing
- 22 Lanugos
- 40 Magatamas
- 20 Horseshoes
- 33 Chains
- 63 Stakes
- 13 Spirit Roots
- 23 Claws
- 20 Reactor Cores
- 10 Scarabs
- 23 Horns
- 20 Seashells
- 23 Medals
- 33 Proofs
- 30 Gunpowder
- 5 Stingers
- 24 Black Beast Grease
- 7 Dragon Scales
- 10 Bells of tranquility
- 20 Giant’s Ring
- 20 Ghost Lanterns
- 30 Void Dust
- 6 Phoenix Feathers
- 5 Permafrosts
- 3 Serpent Jewels
- 3 Pages

For me, this leaves me to mostly spend my time farming Phoenix Feathers and Seeds; the rest will take care of itself. I’ve got 1 more skill to get to 10 on Okita, 1 for Jeanne Archer, 2 on Astolfo, 2 for Jack, and 1 for Summer BB.

So who are you trying to finish rounding out, and what does this incoming load of mats free you up to farm instead?


To reach my current, most desired goal, I need a total of 321 Stakes.
I have 31 rn…
Since I’m done with Halloween, I spend my time at the gallows. Though I heard that the next login-ticket has stakes, so I should at least be able to finish Circe’s skills by the end of the year.

I mean … I’d also need so many feathers, it’s not even funny anymore. I feel like every second Servant needs Feathers for skills. ShishouFest can’t come fast enough.


…Is Eresh part of that goal?


Yeah, she’s the second one. It only takes two Servants to need 321 Stakes. And that is after I already got one of Circe’s skills to 10.

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Good thing I’m done with my Steel reqs for Skadi, seems pretty weak on that front…

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6 Phoenix Feathers

Sad numbers. Still not enough feathers. :fgo_jeannu:

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Since I’m done with Halloween, I spend my time at the gallows.

Damn, FBI went straight to execution on you huh. :fgo_gudako:


It hurts. Since making this point I think I’ve run Town Hall something like 12-14 times-- so something like 290 AP–without a single feather. Sometimes I wonder what kind of magic crack they were on when they made the AP per drop charts :smiley:

  • 33 Chains

Too few for my Napoleon, Wu and Sheba

  • 10 Scarabs

Clearly, Parvati needs more than that…

  • 6 Phoenix Feathers

Can’t even remember who needs this but I can tell this is nowhere enough

  • 3 Pages

At this number, this doesn’t even matter

I hate how I love a lot of servants too much

I know a shortage is in my near future, but I killed so many of those chickens during Summer 3 that I’m not exactly flush, but I’m not hurting.

I have enough feathers that I have options regarding which servants to upgrade before I start hurting, I guess.

Since I haven’t beaten Salem yet, my main supply of stakes and feathers is events and lucky drops in the dailies.

I’m flopping between that one and the heart/stake node right now. I got a fair number of feathers from the summer event drops, but that mat is my # 1 skill and ascension gate.

Unfortunately, my plans for finishing some Servants and preparing for future ones also require more hearts than I currently have, so …meh.

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On a side note do they really have to keep adding new mats? Is it going to hurt the game if they just used the ones we have? I feel like at some point the Mats list is going to get so bloated new players aren’t going to have a realistic way of getting a specific mat even with events




If they made the dailies have guaranteed drops for each tier, it would reduce a lot of stress. Knowing you could 100% get a fang or proof or chain or bone for 10 AP is pretty reasonable. I hate winding up with a 2* ember or something.


This is a good basis for arguing for a material exchange shop.

It should rarely be more efficient to swap mats than to farm for them directly, but even 10:1 bronze to silver/silver to gold would help alleviate mat starvation for newer players.

We had a mat exchange thread not super long ago, but I still think it’s a beneficial idea if done right, especially considering the rate at which they keep adding new materials.


I see we are getting stakes for the daily tickets in November, as expected…

Yes, yes, yes. :fgo_shebasmile:

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I was wondering yesterday if they were ever going to update what mats can drop in the dailies. Why not take out embers completely and work in the mats from 1.5 and 2.0?