Upcoming Gamepress FGO Schedule

Hey everyone,

Along with the recent hiring wave, the FGO subsection of GP is going through a few changes. Over the last year we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in both viewers and content and I think we did a nice job in becoming a great source for FGO guides and writeups. But while patting ourselves on the back is fun, being complacent is just silly, and we want to make some new content in the upcoming months that hopefully will help you greatly in the time to come.

Now, one of these changes is that I am moving from a writer to the FGO Lead position. You’ve hopefully seen me chime in frequently on the forum and that isn’t go to change. I want to make sure that I am always available to help you out as well as respond to feedback (especially awesome stuff like the UI changes or even when we overlook good CE options . You can always summon me with a mention if necessary.

After all, even having this job based on a hobby is a privilege that I wouldn’t be able to do without you guys - for that, I really am rather blessed!

Now, to the interesting bit, and of course these are open to any suggestions from you guys, I want to work on the following things in the months ahead:

Stuff I’d like to work on:

  • Cliffnotes on every unreleased Servant so people can look ahead.
  • SQ Simulator for the Summon Sim
  • Beginner Guide for new players (rerolling, installing outside US, better tutorial)
  • New JP Writeups for release day content
  • (JP Event coverage - rather than make a full guide, we are thinking of aggregating resources made by others that we source such as best nodes to farm and other hot tips (and drop data once the crowdsource comes in))
  • Continue with current NA coverage
  • (long term) Upgrade your personal Servant Planner page, I have a few ideas but enacting those will require a lot of data gathering first.

If you have any more ideas, I’d love to hear them. Generally I am aware of many things we can improve but we often lack the time (and the actual devs - I can’t code a simulator :fgo_jeannu: ) to enact them quickly.

I hope you’ll enjoy our content for the time to come,

Kind Regards,


hey, congrats on the promotion

also, just gonna say it here: liz’s bond ce to fit in with her support role

oh, and also maiden leading chaldea. for more of a hybrid dps/support role

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Congratz with the promotion~!!
Will you guys informed us (instead of quietly update the servant pages) in a post when servants gets an upgrade in JP? Sort of like when you guys do an update on NA servants.
I noticed there are few servants gets an upgrade recently but I only noticed it because one of the youtubers was talking about it in his video.

Thanks and keep up the good work~!!

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Well we did make a news post for the recent Interludes - we intend to keep doing that as well as update writeups immediately for the new changes. It should be above Onigashima on the front page in fact ? I’ll be updating Arthur today in fact to make his writeup age well.

That would be a great addition. While it’s already possible here to look at unreleased servants and see what their skills are, having something like an expected/approximate release date for them or a short paragraph that opens up ideas on what sort of teams they fit in on- it doesn’t have to be much. Sometimes skills seem nice but don’t fit their class/expected use, or their strength is really their star generation or their NP gain or something.

I’d think it would be cool if it differentiated the needed materials/QP between what is needed for ascensions and what is needed for skill materials. I only have a few Sabers and Casters left to ascend now, but a few months ago I had gone through and set the, idk, goal options (if that describes it well enough) for them to all level 1 skills so that way I could clearly see what I needed for ascensions and what I could freely spend if I had it. When I had their skills set to the level I’d like them at I had no idea what I needed to prioritize for ascensions first.


I would like to have the option to make different sets of servant goals in the servant planner, so that I could differentiate between high priority targets and thus mats, and targets of lesser importance.


for the servant planner page, could we have an option to type the name(like before) or choose the class of servant and then choose from that list instead of listing all of the servants alphabetically? so that we could reduce the loading time

I’d definitely appreciate cliff notes for upcoming servants, there’s a few on my i ant list because their characterisation has allready caught my eye in one way or another.

For the servant planner we really need a way to differentiate between “@ X level and wait to ascend” and “@X level and allready ascended” as that can lead to unnecessary mats being listed.

As others have said seperate out Ascension mats from skill mats and have both groups have a “need for immediate use” and “need for future use” section with immediate being stuff needed for next skill/ascension up and future for well future ones.

Also being able to set priorities on certain servants to further seperate things out.

Also a better way of editing things like levels, skill levels, acenshions and fou numbers than having to open up the whole thing in the planner again. Really slows down updating stuff.


All items on your list looks useful and it will be especially helpful with the JP part.

I admit that I don’t use gamepress servant planner as both the UI and execution does not suit my tastes.
Primarily due to the fact that I want an easy overview tied to each servant and not the required total materials.
Before I switched to neonBarnacle’s planner I updated an Excel file manually.

The only thing I’ve thought about suggesting is if there could be an event toggle for the CE selection.
It isn’t often that it would be needed but it would be a small touch that would help identify which CE that should not be used for exp or burned. I game there isn’t any indication if an event CE will be used again so it is easy to get rid of 3*… I carelessly burned a number of Mooncell Automatoms so I speak from personal experience.

But it might be bloated due to the large amount of Valentine CE.

if it makes you feel any better, I’m fairly certain that’s been the only event bonus non-limited ce ever

Isn’t self-geass and others also available for summoning whenever?
I think I keep getting those and the Da-vinci ones as well.

oh uh, lol whoops yeah. I somehow completely forgot about the da vinci and accel zero event ces

despite routinely getting and saving them myself

Yup, The Self Geas Scroll also became a non-limited event drop bonus CE in Accel Zero (was released during the event), so save 5 to MLB for the rerun next year!

But yeah, congratulations Sizzle! I’ve really appreciated all the witty and informative contributions you’ve made both on the forum and in the excellent walkthroughs and servant write-ups, so the promotion is well deserved!

On the subject of ideas, it may have been suggested before, but a tier list for NA CEs would be pretty neat. I’ve recently been using the (Google Translated) Appmedia CE list, but it does cover all the CEs available in JP and it takes a bit of back and forth to find out what events or banners they became available in (or if they ever come back again).

Looking forward to a fresh stream of new write-ups!

Congrats on the promotion. :)

When I have to create new content for a client, I always start by looking at the questions they commonly get from their community.

From my (inevitability biased) memory, I’ve seen a lot of:
• Who goes well with X (I know you mentioned you wanted suggested servants to come back into the analyses…this is an opportunity for that)
• Who should I roll for, if rolling for gameplay (general consensus seems to be: roll for supports, grab your DPS from your friend’s list)
• Who should I raise (the answers are always the same: Arash, Mash, David, Euryale/Robin, Hans, Georgios, Cú)

If you’re looking for new stuff to write about, I’d start there.

And if you’re interested in expanding a bit, there are lots of opportunities for video too—servant overviews, event overviews/prep, JP tutorials (especially for those of us who don’t read Japanese very well), etc. Also would help you get in front of more people.


I’d be most interested in the cliffnotes of JP content. I don’t know how much any of you play JP, but an approximate JP tierlist would also be nice, so we can get even more use out of our Clairvoyance EX.

Cliffnotes of future events would also be useful, even if it’s just the banners and the first time drops and shop.

This bit

There are other sites with this sort of data, but it would be nice to have it all in one place.

And finally, I’d like to request that Cleopatra is moved to EX+ tier.

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Congrats on the promotion! I’ve not been on the community long but always appreciate the guides and advice you always give.

One thing I would love is just a way to rearrange the servants on my servant list. I have so many at the top of my list (i.e. newer servants) who are raised more than those at the bottom. It can be a bit difficult to keep track of who I have and haven’t updated skills/NP/lvls for. Speaking of NPs, having that displayed on your servant list would be a nice touch.

Thanks everyone especially for the pointers on the Servant Planner. It’ll take a while for me to compile it all together and suggest a package to one of the devs to get it sorted.

Honestly, the main problem is one of familiarity. The thing is that many of the writers have played for both a very long time, and on the JP server. Add in that I went full degeneracy on the first Christmas event and somewhat on the Da Vinci event, and I was basically done with my Servants in terms of planning. It’s a bit ridiculous to know the big annoyances and drawbacks of the planner without any hands-on experience after all - so I think I’ll set myself some time in the week ahead to use it for planning and then suggest a whole batch of changes at once.


I really like the idea of a cliff notes analysis of JP Servants so we can get a good idea of what’s coming.

A few things I would recommend:
First, bring back the recommendations of what Servants to pair with X Servant on that Servant’s profile.
Second, update the Team Comp recommended Servants lists, last I checked they were way out of date.
Third, include recommended Servants for 3* CEs and maybe include a 3*CE or two for Servants’ recommended CEs.
Fourth, maybe you could make general walkthroughs for the early Singularities for newer folks.

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Things that I think would be cool for the planner:

  • Sorting by the column of your choice (including class)
  • Ability to see the columns you want (i.e., level, ATK, ATK Fou, NP, skill lvls, etc).
  • Ability to edit your servant from the tabular view
  • Ability to filter on “capabilities” (e.g., debuff cleanse, NP charge, Buster Up, etc.)
  • Personal notes
  • Skill/material “queuing”

The latter is why I set up a personal spreadsheet where I have each servant and skill/ascension listed per row, with the columns being the materials. I also have a column for “priority” so I can sort on that. What this answers for me is not only how many mats I need, but in what order I’d like to use them. In other words, by filtering rows on, for example, gears, I can see at a glance that if I spend X gears to raise this servant’s skill/ascension, what others conflict with that–like maybe then I might not have enough to ascend some other servant.

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A lot of this boils down to prioritization in the end though. Fact of the matter is that we only have so many work hours we can put to all the topics mentioned. Thus, we have to make some sacrifices in terms of time allocated - take for example the Servant Recommendations for events that we used to do. They’re pretty fun to read (I would hope) but they were a huge time sink on our end!

In the end, we have to make some sacrifices in terms of time and effort. The Servant Planner has been a sacrifice so to speak for a long time now, but it really could use some features that, hopefully, wouldn’t actually take much effort to implement.