Upcoming good Free Event CEs

With Golden Sumo(atk), Holy Night Supper(Crit), One Summer(Quick), Dive to blue(Arts) and the upcoming in november the Aerial Drive(Buster)

What are other good Free Event CEs that we can look forward to?

One I already have mlb. And one that I desperately need another mlb copy of. Hero Elly’s - Adventure buster card 15%- np strength up 25% this is mlb of course.

On JP I use the Murasaki Dreamer CE a lot, though it is partially due to my lack of CEs with starting gauge.
Pure attack, 50% gauge, 10% buster and 10% np gain boost.
I also use the Tokugawa CE as it works a bit like Golden Carp. Gives 20 stars when entering battle.

I missed Royal Icing but it works like Hero Elly except for arts card.

Guda Guda 4 has a CE that boosts art and quick plus crit damage 10-15%. A pity it has 1k attack at most.

I suppose it depends how far you are looking into, I have a few coming up I like
Two gods three legs - One of the few CE I find useful outside of Umufest
Painting Summer - Next summer event
Royal Icing - Comes at Holloween next year
Three Angler - Also halloween

I haven’t look far beyond next year


Setsubun’s Dress for Demons might be useful for self suffcient crit servants like Ridertoki and Jack. That 2k ATK up at max level is VERY good for it’s role. EDIT: Though as Inkaflare pointed out, Holy Night Supper essentially invalidates it, alongside most Crit Up CEs
Summer 3’s Painting Summer is an alternative to the Illya event’s Miyu CE
Christmas 3’s Holy Maiden’s Teaching and Ooku’s Gliding the Lily aren’t that good compared to Carp, but they’re fine as a starbomb.

Painting Summer being mixed stats is such a huge bummer. This would be one of the best Arts CEs in the game if it was pure ATK… it’s still great as is for Arts loopers and the Miyu CE needs MLB to be better due to the awkward starting gauge.
In general, most event CEs in the game actually don’t hold a candle to Golden Sumo, Holy Night Supper and Aerial Drive, and considering how much of an investment it is to level a CE to 100, I wouldn’t bother with any other CEs until those three are maxed out. After that, the next best thing to max is Kscope or Black Grail, but those are very hard to come by at MLB unless you’re a whale.
One Summer is terrible due to pure HP, it doesn’t give you half as much damage as Sumo or HNS do even on Quick servants, it’s pretty much a noob trap. Dive to Blue is useable, but mixed stats hold it back as well, although it’s at least better than pure HP.
I see no reason to ever use Dress for Demons, tbh, even if it’s good in a vacuum, simply because HNS exists as a competitor and is flat out better. Star gen increase does basically nothing at the low value the CE provides; even on jack, where it probably provides the greatest value, it gives you 2 (!) additional stars in a QQQ chain, or 1 (!) for an XXQ chain - complete waste compared to 15% NP damage on HNS.

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Just wondering, isn’t Miyu the best CE for NP loops, particularly for arts? I’ve seen a few setups which state that it’s essentially required. It’s stats also seem to mean that it’ll be unable to be powercrept without the new CE being broken.
Good points all the way though. Thanks.

How do you feel about mlb one summer vs a single knights of the marines?

I am guessing OS be better at low levels but around lvl 15-20 KoM would be better?

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More immediately, I’d also add Battle Olympia from Nerafest banner. Sure, it’s mixed 10% red/blue-up, so there’s more ideal mono-card options around Still got that noice 60% NP-charge MLB, and then there’s enough Servants that got 2x2 blue/red distribution.

That is a gacha CE.

Aye, true. Too fixated on that banner for my roll-plans, but since KoM was mentioned, which got the same NP-charge values of 50/60%…^_-

Fair point.
Perhaps I should have written something to that post first or the Miyu mention…

Sigh. I really should be more alert , I’ve had far too many careless mistakes today.

It is - but usually under the condition that it’s MLB, else a Waver can’t fill the servant to 100 for the first NP. Unlike Painting Summer it can be used for Quick looping, which is a plus, but 40% starting gauge is just extremely awkward and hard to deal with - basically a dealbreaker for this CE on a lot of servants. If you do have it MLB, it’s very good because NP gen is harder to come by than Arts/Quick buffs, so having the CE give purely NP gen makes it stack better.

I honestly didn’t know - so I did the math.

The results depend on a few things. What I plotted here was a theoretical servants with NP1 ST Quick NPs at 3star, 4 star and 5star rarity, with approximated average attack stats for said rarity (+1k fous). No other buffs than those from the CEs are considered for this comparison. Non-MLB KoM vs MLB OS.
So, what do we see?

  • for 3* servants, KoM pulls ahead of OS around CE level 25
  • for 4* servants, KoM pulls ahead around CE level 38
  • for 5* servants, KoM pulls ahead around CE level 52
    This basically makes the math irrelevant because non MLB KoM is capped at lv20 - One Summer will always beat it in this scenario.

Now, there are however three caveats here:

  • non-MLB KoM is a worse CE than MLB Sumo or HNS, which are the real competition for One Summer - on 3* servants, Sumo beats OS at lv1 already, for example, while on 5* servants it pulls ahead at lv18. I can show you the math for that as well, if you want, but I don’t wanna clutter the post too much. MLB KoM is comparable to Sumo/HNS and beats OS at the same level thresholds.
  • if the servant in question has an NP damage up buff from any source, KoM will be able to pull ahead before lv20 depending on how potent the NP damage buff is, as this is multiplicative with KoM’s CE bonus, but additive with OS’s bonus. Quick or ATK buffs will not change much unless you go up to unreasonably high values, because they affect both CEs in the same degree (Quick up is additive with both, and ATK up is multiplicative with both).
  • KoM will always win on face cards, even when non MLB.

The bottom line is that KoM is actually a mediocre CE even if it looks good on paper. This is the case with most gacha CEs - unless you manage to MLB, Sumo and HNS will beat them simply because these two are uncapped. Except for Black Grail; Black Grail is just fucking broken compared to any other damage CE, it’s more potent than Waver’s entire kit for buffing a servant and is always active.


Thank you so much!!!

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Trick or Treatment from this upcoming Halloween is quite good as a crit CE. It’s in the gacha, though.

Merry Sheep from Xmas is good for servants with balanced Arts/Quick hit counts—Helena, Holmes, SurfMo, etc.

I think Hot Springs under Moon from Rashomon is a fantastic CE—all attack, buffs crit damage, and gives 4 stars passively. It’s definitely up there with HNS/Carp/Sumo/Aerial Dive.

Painting Summer, as was mentioned, is a super popular CE. But Magical Girl of Sapphire (Miyu) is overall superior because it gives pure attack, +30% NP gen, and 50% starting NP at MLB. Really phenomenal even for supports with already good NP gain like Waver, Bride, and the upcoming Lanling. (Tamamo has bad NP gain and needs a Prisma Cosmos.)

I think Tenkihime from summer 4 (which is happening rn in JP) is a pretty solid free CE. 50% Charge, 15% NP damage and 15% Arts Crit damage. While the arts crit thing is kinda useless for anything who doesn’t specialise in it, it’s gonna benefit servants like Hokusai (Both versions) and Lancelot significantly. It’s greatest selling point is the fact that it can hit 2k attack, which is basically unrepresented for Arts based free CE ( see the mixed stats on dive to blue and painting summer)

Tenkihime is essentially a weaker HNS. So if you weren’t around for HNS, it’s a decent replacement as the 15% NP damage is generic and good for anyone, but 20% Arts crit damage is straight up weaker than 15% generic crit damage, even on a triple Arts deck you’d want your Buster crit to get buffed too.
The art is actually god tier tho. Suzuka looking thicc af.

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