Upcoming GSSR Lucky Bag 2023 Summoning Campaign New Year Special targets?

Come New Years, NA will have a GSSR banners up:

As usual for GSSR, this will require Premium (paid) SQ toward ONE of the following NINE (9) banners:

Red Three Knights 1 (7)

  • Ibuki-Douji, Okita Souji, Shiki; Archuria, Ishtar; Ereshkigal, Brynn

Red Three Knights 2 (7)

  • Nero Bride, Beni-Enma, Musashi; Jarcher, Sei; old Scatach, Tamalancer

Red Four Horsemen 1 (9)

  • lolivinci; Castoria, Illya, Murasaki; Kama, Semiramis; MHX, Muzerker

Red Four Horsemen 2 (9)

  • Maid Alter, Reines; Skadi, Nero (Caster), DaVinci; Cleopatra, Shuten-Douji; MHXA, Raikou

Red Extra 1 (8)

  • Himiko; Space Ishtar; Kingprotea, Meltryllis; summer BB; Abby, summer Abby, Yang Guifei

Red Extra 2 (8)

  • Ruler Artoria; Jalter, Maou Nobu; Okita Alter, Kiara; summer Kiara; Van Gogh, Hokusai

White Three Knights (7)

  • Arthur prototype, Astolfo, Sigurd; Gil, Moriarty, Super Orion; Romumus-Quirinius

White Four Horsemen (7)

  • Ivan, Iskandar; Merlin; King Hassan; Arjuna Alter, Kintoki, Hijikata

White Extra (6)

  • Amakusa, Qin Shi Huang, Holmes; Dantes; Douman; Voyager

With a maximum of only 9 servants in any given pool, the odds of getting someone you like are really, really high. This is easily the best GSSR I’ve seen in the 2+ years I’ve played.

Top 3 banners if you can’t decide?

  1. Red Four Horsemen 1 is crazy strong (Castoria, Muzerker, Kama, lolivinci)!
  2. Red Four Horsemen 2 for Reines and Skadi supports.
  3. Red Three Knights 2 for great semi-supports (Bride & Beni-Enma)
  • White Four Horsemen gets the honorable mention for Merlin & AA.

Updated JP lead graphic with FGO NA version


It is a hard one indeed.
Red extra 2 is probably my best bet when it comes to getting a new character

Though White Horseman and White Knights are two groups I’d quite like some NP levels on. Especially Moriarty, Ivan or Iskandar.
Horsman has more I want to get, but knights has no loses (I’d really rather not get another Merlin, his NP levels are weak)

So yea part of me figures I’d leave it to random chance


I’m kind of wondering if I should roll GSSR for the first time ever, since White extra is like 4/6 jackpot. :fgo_mordredthink: QSH and Douman are both missed roll targets I’d like to get. I have Voyager and I love him, so NP2 would be very welcome. I also wouldn’t object to Holmes - his kit looks fun, I’m a fan of artscrit shenanigans and his kit could be put to use in CQs. Amakusa and Dantes are the only misses in this banner, so it’s very tempting.

Decisions decisions. :catroll:


My first 2 GSSRs gave me Servants I didn’t want, so I stopped doing GSSR. If they had been like this, I’d probably have kept doing GSSR, simply because I see banners with no personal downside, so I’m considering wallet-kun. That said, GSSR is a luxury in the purest sense of the word, so it’s really a question of whether you want to support the devs with actual hard cash.


There is this fan website :https://fategc.com/ who can help choosing thz GSSR you roll on.
You create a ranklist of the SSR you want to get, and the site will calculate a score for each banner depending on who is in them and what is your list.

Well it doesn’t work if the banners are really close like in my case
I’ll roll the red Extra 2 for a chance to get another copy of Van Gogh!


White Three Knights guarantees me a new Servant also a chance to finally being able to use one of 3 costumes that have just been sitting in my Chaldea’s closest for a while.

Yup. :fgo_mordredthink: It’s hard not to look at the banners through the lenses of “what are the odds of getting something I want” though. :fgo_jeannu:


Either White Cavalry or White Extra.

Extra: four out of six would make me varying levels of extremely happy (Douman, Voyager, NP5 QSH, Amakusa), and the other two wouldn’t be the worst thing even if I’d rather not see them (NP2 Holmes, NP3 Dantes). It’s a fairly safe option for me.

Cavalry: I’d mainly be rolling this for a chance at NP3 Arjuna Alter, no doubt about it. And that’s really tempting. But I also like Kintoki a lot more now than I used to, I wouldn’t mind NP2 for Merlin or Hassan, and the other three would have their uses, even if it’s just for collection purposes (Hijikata is the only Shinsengumi I’m currently missing, I’m sure Waver would be happy to see Iskandar, I don’t have a 5* AoE Rider in NA yet, Ivan’s got that buff coming…).

I’m leaning toward Extra atm, but I’ll probably keep waffling over it until it’s time to roll.


No one new to my roster I’m really interested in (Holmes would at least have a niche but very rarely).

I’ll probably just pray for a fifth copy of AA from white horsemen. At best I can get him to 120 without rolling the gacha, at worst I’ll have new interlude/rank-up SQs or NP up for Merlin/Kintoki who at least see some use.


Going Red Knights (1), aiming for Squirtoria, but I like all the characters on the banner.
Rin faces would be NP2 but I use Ishtar a bunch and I just got Eresh, so NP levels would at see least some use.
I like the remainders from a character perspective, but they don’t do much for my roster gameplay wise.

If I did get Shiki, she would join Da Vinci and Shuten in the one hit arts NP club. :fgo_shiki_confused:


Red Knights 1 for me.
targets: Ibuki,Okita,Ereshkigal.
NP levels for Archuria and Ishtar.
Shiki and Brynn i fine to get.


i will be rolling this one. maid alter may have her rate up during the new years campaign, but i will gladly try to get that 6th copy with a meager 15 quartz before i brave the gacha when her rate up begins. cuz we all know that rate up is a lie.


I’m thinking Red Knights 2 personally. While it has two NP2 spookablities, it also has two NP0 targets I’d be glad to add to my collection, and the other (3) at NP1 that extra levels wouldn’t hurt for.

The other banners are mostly either too high odds of servants I don’t want, or already have enough copies of.


I’m definitely going for White Three Knights ; Sigurd is my (likely) second candidate for 120, and getting closer to NP5 is gonna be my top priority.

All the others in there I either don’t have or wouldn’t mind an additional NP level, so it’s a win-win for me.


checks date

Okay, this seems a tad… early? Anywho

I normally select Extra for GSSRs but there’s a lot of land mines this time. Red Extra 1 has Kingprotea, Melt, Yang, Himiko, but it also has Spishtar and Abbys. Also BB is NP5 already.

Red Extra 2 has 3 servants I actively dislike and the ones I do like would mostly unneeded NP upgrades. The jackpot would Summer Kiara NP1 to 2. Which doesn’t feel all that great after what she put me through during the summer.

White Extra is fairly meh.

So what then? Try for Merlin? Fuck that.

Red Four Horsemen looks decent so may do that. Vinci NP1 to 2 or Murasaki upgrade would probably be the jackpots, Kama to NP5 would be neat and Illya would be nice for completion sake. The only issue would be Castoria, I don’t need NP3.


I was just looking at this the other day. I have to say that I really appreciate how they separated the Genders for us this time.

However, I don’t know whether to be proud of myself or just disappointed in general, because among all the female groupings, none of them draw me super-hard. I’ve managed to acquire most everyone that would have been important enough to immediately draw my attention to her group.

So I’ll probably just do what I’ve done for the past several GSSRs since they changed them to only include the Limited 5*s, and draw on Cavalry 2, where Skadi is. I think this’ll make my fourth GSSR where I’ve done this, the previous three not having succeeded in getting her.

Cavalry 2 is actually one of just two groups where there’s only one dupe Servant in the lineup: Cleopatra. So of course that’s probably who I’ll get… But at least then she’ll be better at sweeping Riders. Right now, at NP-1, she’s just too inadequate, even after her Strengthening, for some reason…

But we’ll see how it goes.


I can’t go wrong with red extra 2.


Most likely my choice.

  • love to get: :fgo_skadismug:, :fgo_reinesoh:, :fgo_davinci: np2, :fgo_shutenthink: np2
  • like character so wouldn’t mind: :fgo_umu: :beach_umbrella:
  • not the variant I prefer but I’ll take her: :fgo_mhxastare:
  • would prefer not: :fgo_saltersmug: :beach_umbrella:, :fgo_cleosmug: np2, Raikou np2

Solid jackpot results, decent mid results, and don’t actively hate bottom choices, which isn’t something I can say about every banner option.

Next runners up would be the white knights or other red horseman, but both are much higher risk so much less tempting considering my history of typically receiving my bottom choice


I say Red Horseman one, except I worried about getting Np 2 Kama or Muramasaki.

My other choice is Red Extra one, having none of the servants in the roster. Getting Himiko, Summer BB, Yang Guifei, Abby or Space Ishtar would be awesome.


When you achieve your targets for the year, all that’s left is to take a risk where a pleasant surprise may come.

White Three Knights for me, with lemon, please!