Upcoming GSSR Lucky Bag 2023 Summoning Campaign New Year Special targets?

This… It has my jackpot unit for NP2 Squirtoria, a conlletionest unit with a potential NP5 Ishtar and new unit with Shiki. I would not mins NP3 Eresh or NP4 Okita.

BUT NP7 Ibuki is a very real concern, and if my past luck is anything to go by, NP7 Ibuki is all but certain (lost a 1/32 chance for NP6 Kama).

I’m also debating for one of the white knits banner. I will probably decide on the 1st of January.


None really interest me based on the distribution, so I’m just going for this one for NP2 van Gogh, but really anything yellow or above would be acceptable so that’s not bad odds


This would be win if I give up my F2P status…
Archuria NP2 is good, Shiki NP3 is also nice, rest are evaded new servants so that’s awesome. No dislikes at all. The only thing better than this would be 1+ SSRs appearing in the same multi. :fgo_umusmug:


Torn between going for NP4 Ibuki and NP1 Gogh.
Leaning Gogh since most of the others on her banner are fine with me too.


White Extra guarantees me a new Servant, but the problem is I don’t really want them. NP1 Dante’s and Voyager have damage issues, Amakusa isn’t my favorite for character or design, and I don’t like Douman’s personality. Moth and Holmes I wouldn’t hate, but Holmes is a rare need that I could borrow if I ever needed defense ignoring damage already.

Red Extra are the two tempting ones for me- and they give me pretty much equal odds.

Extra 1: Good gets is NP2 Space Ishtar or Abby, NP1 Melt, Yang and Summer Abby very welcome. 5/8 good

Himiko would be NP2 so a bit of a waste. 1/8 neutral

I don’t want KingProtea or Summer BB at all. 2/8 bad.

Extra 2: Good gets is NP2 Jalter or Maou Nobu, NP1 Kiara, Van Gogh, or Hokusai. 5/8 good

Okitan would be NP2, so whatever. More damage is nice but I don’t use her a ton since I have excellent AoE Riders and Casters and a lvl 100 Gold Fou Semiramis for Assassin. 1/8 neutral

Summer Kiara would be a waste at NP3 and Bunny Artoria, who I would have liked originally at NP2, is Bond 10 with no reason to take out of retirement so that’s fully useless. 2/8 bad.


This is without question the best option for me.

Hokusai would be my grand prize. I have really come to love the character and want her symbolically as well.

The only two I have is Jeanne and Bunnytoria. Np2 Jalter wouldn’t be bad.

Np3 Bunnytoria is the worst outcome and even then not a bad outcome at all. That said, she will almost certainly be the one I get.

For the Summoning Campaign I want Shirou so that I can put him and Sakura together.


I’m at a toss up between these 3:

Red knights 1 is pretty safe and garuntees a new servant or NP levels of the Rin faces, who are currently both NP1 and I’m not opposed to more levels on them.
I just don’t feel strongly about Bryn or Shiki

Red knights 2 has jackpots in Bride, NP3 Beni and Sei, but I don’t really want Musashi and between my Gil and Enkidu being NP5 I don’t really need NP1 Jarcher, Scat or Tamalancer.

Red Extra 2 it’s mostly NP levels but not unwanted ones. I have most of them, ideally I’d like Hokusai, NP2 Maoi or NP2 Kiara, but NP levels on Bunny, Jalter and Gogh would defs be okay. S.Kiara would be new too, buuuuut I really don’t want Okita alter.

Anyway who knows I’ll flip flop a bunch I reckon lol


Red horse wins by most if not all metrics for me, 4 new units is as good as that gets and even the lower range dupes in castoria, da vinci and musashi are varying degrees of useful.
5th MHX is the obvious jackpot but all 3 of kama, murasaki and semi are super welcome whereas Ilya is probably about as good as a dupe.
That saidddddd NP2 sei and first nero bride are a painfully amazing top end as much as I do not give a single hoot about the dupes that aren’t beni and maybe jarcher if I’m generous.
So odds I go with red horsemen are at a solid 0% knowing myself.


I’m white and extra so I’m rolling White Extra ez


I’d really like to roll for Maid or Aruna alter, but I’d be disappointed by half the pulls on their banners. Red extra 1 and White extra are not all that exciting. As a banner with no disappointment one of them is probably the right choice for me.


Main (2 options):

  • White Four Horsemen
  • A third copy of Kintoki or AA would be nice welcome. Second copy of Merlin or Hijikata wouldn’t be unwelcome, but would be unnecessary. The others would be a first copy that would be mostly raised and then not used.
  • White Extra
  • 4th copy of Voyager or third Douman would be the targets here. Everyone else is a first copy, none are targets.
  • This account is still in a place where every banner has a bit of value, but I have several that are already NP5 and no ambitions to take them beyond level 100.

F2P (1 option):

  • Red Extra 2
  • This account needs a second copy of Hokusai, Summer Kiara, or a third copy of Okitan. First copy of Van Gogh would be great. Wouldn’t mind any of the others, but won’t be building anything around them or chasing extra copies.
  • This account has way too many ST sabers. Any banner that can get me more of them is off limits.

I been flip-flopping between the two Red Extras for months, wish i could roll on both, really.

What servants aren’t meta at least are servants i like.


After thinking, it shall be the Red Extra 1 for me. More levels for S. Ishtar or Yang would be the best result, but more for Melt, Protea and OG Abby will be fine too. And I don’t have Himiko, Summer BB or Summer Abby, any of them is fine so that’s something I guess.
My first GSSR btw, finally supporting the game financially and as others said before, don’t expect anything :catnoworries:


Hmm… White Three Knights, White Extra and Red Three Knights… I’ll have to think on it later…



Red Knights 1 is the one I’m most likely to roll. Could also go for Red Knights 2 but I’m less enthused since I could get dupes of Scathach or Jarcher which I would be fine without. Both the Red Extras are also possible contenders but there’s quite a few servants I don’t want in each of them so maybe not.


2023 gssr
Probably going for this and praying that 1/7 uso doesn’t happen or Bryn/Ibuki when I already have NP2 Shishou and NP3 Seiba. Jackpot is Archuria, another NP level on Ishtar is fine with me since NP3 is a sweet spot, and Okita/Shiki are both neat though I would much prefer Okita over Shiki since Shiki gameplay isn’t all that special though she is a nice waifu.


This is what I’m going for. It’s the only one where I won’t be upset with extra NPs (Musashi, Scathach, and Jarcher). If I get Muramasa, I might risk it and go from Red Extra 1 because Himiko didn’t come home on her banner and Spishtar coming home would save me the temptation of the upcoming Saber Wars II rerun banner, but I’ll be risking one of the Abbys if I do that.


GSSR is certainly the best time for an otherwise non-paying customer to support the business.

Lasagna and company can’t really complain about exclusively F2P players since this is the business model they chose (and, let’s be honest, those F2P folks are needed to populate the fandom and push download numbers), but there’s no game if no one pays.

If one can comfortably afford to pay at least for GSSR and is enjoying the game, one should go for it.


Haven’t decided yet.
I usually go for the one with the best odds of getting a newcomer or avoiding undesirable np upgrades.
It will either be Red Extra 1 or White Knight.

I’ll have a couple of weeks to consider if I go for the better odds or higher jackpott banner.


I’m very likely going for this one

MHX pls and thanks