Upcoming New Year summoning campaign

Saw a couple similar topics on the one side window, though those were from January 2019 & 2020, so it’s been a good long while.

Started playing the game around July or August this year, so this will be my first time experiencing this event. I didn’t even know about the special summoning campaign until someone on twitter mentioned it to me, and I’m definitely split on which I should choose.

With how you can do a one time summoning for 15 SQ and be guaranteed at least one of these servants for whichever class you choose. It’s hard to choose which class I should go for, and was hoping for advice.

I’m good as far as Saber’s go, I have a lvl 100 Mordred that I really like, and does me a lot of good. I’m very well off as far as Archer’s go, I have a lvl 100 Gilgamesh, a lvl 90 Napoleon, and a lvl 80 Super Orion that I scored recently (have to wait til Archer training day to get items to do last ascension with him).

As far as lancers go, I would like a different one, but I do have Artoria lancer, and she is really good, I just think the damage output for her NP is too weak compared to other lancers I’ve used that have NPs that damage all enemies. I really would like Ereshkigal, but I can accept the one I have, and don’t want to waste this opportunity on a lancer.

I’m mainly split between Rider, Caster, and Assassin. My best Rider is legit a Medusa I had since around the time I started playing the game. She is really good for farming dailies, I naively used 2 grails on her back then to get her to lvl 80. I like her, but she’s been very ineffective in the story and many events for a long time now. I’ve always wanted Iskander since I first started, and this is my chance at getting him.

As for Caster, my best is probably Helena. I did get Tamamo recently and I got her lvled up to 80 to try seeing how she holds up, and I don’t really like her at all. I would love to get a Skadi, I spent like 180 or so SQ trying to summon her the other month but completely missed out on her. Merlin would also be a good one to have. I feel like with the 6 caster servants they have available for this, couldn’t go wrong with any of them.

As for Assassin, I could also do with a good assassin, but I’ll probably pass on them for now. I’ve always needed one, and just recently scored 4 star Mochizuki. I haven’t really used her much since I got her very recently, and have been working on getting her to 80. I would like a better one, like Kama or Hassan, but I don’t really have a need for those ones. I have like 3-4 maxed out Kama’s and like 3 maxed out Hassan’s I can borrow in the game, and I don’t want to miss out on a chance to get a better Rider or Caster.

As for Berserker, I have a lvl 90 Ibaraki-Douji that I’m perfectly content with. And I can survive without one of the Extra servants. I do have a lvl 94 S. Ishtar (was gonna go for 100 but changed my mind on that) and have many other good Extra servants I could borrow.


Speaking purely from a gameplay perspective, it is almost always correct to go for caster if you don’t have skadi or merlin. Supports are so strong in this game because they make ALL your damage units instantly better.

Obviously, Castoria will be the best choice when she is available, but until then, Skadi is the best we have. With Helena, you can run Skadi/Helena/whatever friend servant you want. Or Skadi/friend’s Skadi/x, and then plugsuit in Helena to top off an NP. And so on, you get the idea.

Merlin is also good, and still helps, even if other units like Castoria outclass him as a support. In my opinion, he is still strong for less developed rosters.

So, in short, a good rule of thumb is to roll caster on GSSR banners until you have all the good support casters. Of course, FGO is a bit of character collection game, so you can always roll for love. Whatever you choose, best of luck!


You don’t have Merlin or Skadi, so Caster has the biggest jackpot. Skadi has no rerun for the next 2 years.

Berserker has Arjuna Alter who has no rerun yet either and is a monster at NP1, but tbh if you get a Merlin you can borrow an NP5 maxed out AA. Musashi is a good AoE pull also.

Extra 1 has specialists/niche solutions with most of its Rulers, and Space Ishtar as the lucky pull. But more Servants under this banner, so the chance is slimmer than going for Merlin/Skadi.

TL;DR: Imo Caster>Berserker>Extra 1.


That’s what I was thinking.

Would be nice to have a Skadi and be able to do a double Skadi, or have double Merlin, or both.

Castoria is one I’d really like, but considering how my luck was, I’d probably miss out on it. I spent like 180 or so on Skadi, and then with Anastasia being available recently I also tried for her, but also missed her completely as well.

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Would be nice to score him, but at the same time can’t count on him being the one I would score. My Ibaraki isn’t the best Berserker by any means, but I do like where I have her. lvl 90, with her increase party atk skill at 10, and the other skills 6 or higher.

A caster likely is the one I should go for.

One of the things I was planning on is with the Apocrypha rerun coming up I was wanting to go for either Jack or Semiramis, to get a much better Assassin.

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As a fair warning when Vitch comes she is simultaneously the Buster Revival and the best Buster AoE assassin. Roll Semi for love.

Also as someone with NP5 Summer Ushi + NP2 Cleopatra; AoE assassin isn’t very useful and an AoE Berserker or Avenger usually does just as well but with more coverage.

Or just Kiara sowaka sowaka :fgo_horny:


I’m going Ruler/Avenger

Jackpot: Jalter, Nobbu, QSH
Dubs: Jeanne, Amakusa, Rulatoria
NP Levels: Sherlock, Dantès

So that’s equal odds victory and despair, I suppose


Ruler/Avenger is such an easy pick for me. It’s either NP2 of a character I like (Rulertoria) or it’s someone brand new, most likely someone I also like (Moth, Jalter, Spishtar, or Maou). Only 1 (Dantes) is a dislike.

The other Extra class one is also tempting since they would all be new except Okitan but the damage @ NP1 for a lot of them is lacking and I don’t want Kingprotea or BB Summer.

She’s just as weak for her damage as Lartoria, though there are some more team buffs to throw around. Scathach and Bryn are solid backups though (Tamamo isn’t bad she’s just an old unit that hasn’t gotten the upgrades the others have)

There are nice general pool Riders, you’ll be likely to pick up one eventually probably. None of the ones on the banner are particularly bad though, I’d say Maid Alter (despite her damage) is pretty easy to replace on a boss-killing front by using Ushi.

Ilya isn’t the best option, but the others are all really good. Skadi and Merlin support is A+++ while the other 3 are great farmers. I’d probably go with them if my account was new and I was summoning with a hope for gameplay improvment.s

The Assassins aren’t bad (and Kama is great; Semiramis is just such a wonderful Goth queen) and I feel the free 3* and below Assassins are not good but you can always just use Spartacus for an AoE anti-Rider farmer and any ST Zerk (or Hundred Personas) and you’ll kill them eventually.

So IMO it’d be between the really high highs of Caster and the high-compared-to-their-weak-competition Assassins.


Rolling Rider GSSR to replace Medusa: :fgo_deadinside:
Rolling Caster GSSR to buff Medusa: :fgo_jeannyes:

Assassins are my favourite class by far, but… They’re kinda awful for gameplay. I wouldn’t recommend going for any Assassin servants unless you really like them.
That being said, Merlin and Skadi are competing with four other Casters in the GSSR, so your odds of getting a support Caster is lower than getting a DPS. If your money is precious and you want guaranteed payoff, go for a class that’s full of servants you want the most. Castoria’s half a year away, and you can get a free Waver around the same time too, so your supportive roster will come together then either way.

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I am going for Lancer since all of them are Jackpot. The only one I have from that class selection is Ereshkigal and having her at NP2 and considering that she will receive a big support from a future Tamamo, then it is also a win.

My real target is Summer Tamamo, though. I want all Neros, and I want all Tamamos. It is my duty as their simp dashing master to have them.

As others have said, in your case the best bet is Caster. Merlin and Skadi will give you a lot of QoL and sheer power to make things easier.

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If you are pulling primarily for power, and are missing a top support Caster, you roll Caster for GSSR, end of discussion. There is no better upgrade your account can get.

So if you are having trouble deciding, it must be because you have preferences besides pure power, which is great! But we also can’t help much, because it’s primarily a personal choice based on your own tastes. Like, I have Iskandar, and have almost never used him, just because he’s nothing but an AoE nuke with no recursive abilities, and I have tons of better farming options. But if you like Iskandar, give Rider a shot, as you could also luck into Reines, who will join the ranks of the top supports in the not too distant future.

Saber isn’t a particularly important class, but they do have above average stats, and the available options include some very power servants, especially Okita, Nero Bride, and Musashi. Even the worst of them, Sigurd, isn’t terrible, so you can’t go too wrong.

As we all know, “there are no bad Archers”, and that is very much the case, here. Squirtoria is still a top-tier ST arts looper, Ishtar is one of the best buster farmers in the game, Gil is Gil, and Jarcher can be very powerful as a farmer in Castoria teams.

I’d say Lancer is probably the weakest pool, overall, but they are still much beloved and quite functional servants. Bryn is a fantastic crit support, and Scathach has one of the strongest single-hit nukes in the game.

I discussed Rider a bit earlier, but Reines is the big score, here. Though LoliVinci is also a very reliable arts looper.

Caster is self-explanatory. Both Merlin and Skadi are S-tier supports that will completely change how you play the game. CastUmu is also a fantastic buster AoE that can even support others in a triple-buster comp.

Assassin suffers from being a weak class, in general, and the only one I’d consider an unreserved jackpot would be Kama, who’s kit is utterly ridiculous. Besides her, it’s just usually better to use a Berserker or Alter Ego in most situations.

Speaking of Berserkers, you have a lot of very strong options. Obviously, GodJuna is the ultimate unga-bunga AoE damage monster, which is incredibly valuable for newer accounts, though less so once you have a looping system online. Always a strong contender, though. As for looping, mUSAshi is top-tier for arts looping, come Castoria, and MHXA is a fantastic ST quick looper in the current meta.

Ruler/Avenger is a tough decision, because the value of any given pick strongly depends on the rest of your roster. If you have Skadi, Dantes is S-tier, otherwise he’s pretty useless. If you plan to get Castoria, Spishtar is arguably the most generally-useful AoE DPS in the game, but that’s not going to help you right now, and she really wants NP2+ to show her true power. A lot of others have very strong niches, but aren’t necessarily going to be useful in any given situation, or are designed to excel in very specific situations, like Mothman’s soloing, or Amakusa/Holmes no-selling enemy buffs.

Finally, we get the “rest of the Extras”, Alter Ego, Mooncancer, and Foreigner. Frankly, none of these classes are very strong, and how useful any given servant is will be decided almost entirely by their kit. We have standouts like Kiara, who is a monster for arts-based CQ setups, Melt, who does fantastic ST quick damage, and BBikini who can enable some seriously broken shenanigans with her Faceless Moon, but the rest tend to be either unimpressive, or just too limited in scope. Not necessarily bad, just disadvantaged compared to standard class options.

Anyways, I hope my analysis helps somewhat. It’s just my opinion, but that’s kind of the point I made at the beginning: everybody has different tastes, so offering advice can be quite difficult. Good luck on your rolls, regardless!


And Spishstar?

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Oh, left her out

She’s an NP level but like Dantès, I ain’t trying to NP5. Both are NP3 already :grimacing:


I actually got like 3 S. Ishtar’s back during SW2. That said, I burned the 3rd one for the rare prisms. When it comes to 4 and 5 star servants I’ll only level them up to 2nd level. Anything above that is just impractical and unlikely to be reached in game unless I’m deliberately going for that.

I’ll pretend I’m not clutching my pearls and just advise that, even if you insist on burning NP3+ copies of SSRs for whatever reason, doing the same to SRs is worse in a way.

The big advantage SRs have to most players is that their NP levels are easier to raise, so there’s even less of a point to using most of those SRs if you aren’t going to benefit from duplicate copies. There really aren’t that many important items in the RP shop, and getting the ones that matter is much easier with event reruns.


You… Burned a 3rd copy of the most universally-acclaimed AoE DPS servant in the game? One that is commonly cited as really wanting NP3 to be truly broken?

I guess… That’s a choice. We obviously have very different philosophies on the game.




Heh, that’s a fabulous gif! Now I am wondering if the theatre community got that from the drag community. There certainly is a lot of overlap, in my experience.


I think Tati here coined the phrase in the popular imagination, so yes, most certainly


Ignoring the “logic” and long term loss of that decision, what did you even buy with them?