Upcoming refines prediction and thoughts

Seasonal: P!Flora
Grail: Naesala
General summoning pool: Keaton, Velouria, Kjelle

Seasonal: B!Fjorm
Grail: Panne
General summoning pool: Yarne, Nah, Ophelia
Remix: L!Roy, Yune

Seasonal: S!Laegjarn
Grail: Rutger
General summoning pool: Lethe, Ranulf, Mordecai

Seasonal: (skip, like last year)
Grail: Haar
General summoning pool: B!Claude, B!Dimitri, B!Edelgard, B!Lysithea
Remix: L!Alm, L!Eliwood

Seasonal: S!Lyn
Grail: F!Delthea
General summoning pool: F!Tiki, F!Mareeta, F!Berkut

I hope that later this year we wil get an ‘‘old meta’’ banner that will give us Reinhardt+Olwen and Surtr. Also, if my prediction is somewhat right, that means one of the colorless dragons (F!Tiki or F!F!Corrin) or Cainghesis is going to be pushed back for a while. I wonder who it’s going to be, probably the one they consider the most powerful.

If they continue to skip Ophelia then it’s likely we get F!Berkut or Kjelle that month instead… and Ophelia much later… or never

September has the potential to be a crazy month. It depends on if they return to doing 2 remixes. If it’s just Yune then it’s not that crazy… Although the braves are very powerful units. It’s rather weird that the braves are getting refines before their original versions, it’s looking very likely that this is the case.

After October I find it harder to make a prediction: Monica will be the grail unit so Three Houses lords and/or Byleth’s are likely. But how about the seasonal? Will they continue to leave dancers in the dust? If so they have to skip all three Soiree units and skip straight to either D!Hector or W!Sothis? I’m very curious :feh_eirikathink:


Surtr needs a refine way more than Rein does.

Being a Brave Cav unit carries you a lot more than chip damage to foes you didn’t kill/barely survived the turn before.


If S!Laegjarn get a refine, wouldn’t S!Lyn get one too ? :feh_myrrhthink:


Babyzura when ?

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S!Lyn is in the october batch :feh_lynfingers: Last year we didn’t get a seasonal refine in the month that the braves got refined, probably because we got an extra unit from the general summoning pool. Maybe IntSys will be more generous this year (press X to doubt)


I swear we also didn’t get other refines for CYL2 refines. CYL refines seem to get focused that month so other units won’t take up opportunity costs (am I even using that term right?) not to mention the new power is just a rerun of the CYL Banner so that’s also money to be made.

I can’t remember if we got a grail refine with CYL3 but I doubt we will this time.

I DO wonder though…Are they gonna give us the “Golden Deer Rule” or are they just gonna be little binches,

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We did get a grail refine last time, that refine batch was pretty awesome:


Yeah… they’re gonna be little binches :feh_claudesmugger:


oh, right I remember now.

yeah, that was the god batch. The first time I ever ran out of dew and had to CAREFULLY consider who was getting their refine or not.