Update 0.149.0-G - more glitchy than normal?

Is anyone else noticing more glitches in 0.149.0-G than normally pop up in a new update?

Glitches I’ve noticed with this new patch (in no particular order):

  1. Gyms not displaying Eggs and Raids, like when there’s an EX Raid at a gym and you’re not invited - except for a Level 3 Sharpedo raid, not an EX Raid (Once you click on the Gym you see the Egg icon like normal, but when you’re looking at the gym from a distance, you wouldn’t know anything was going on there. “Fixed” by rebooting the game)
  2. Eggs and Raids not displaying a Countdown timer over the gym (“fixed” by rebooting the game)
  3. Being able to feed berries to a Pokémon on a Gym after the Raid has begun (Fed my last berry to my Pokémon prior to a Raid starting, and when I came out of the screen the Raid had been going on for 2 min, which has never happened to me before- usually once the raid begins I get kicked right out of the Gym screen entirely, back to the Profile page, but today I got 2 extra minutes to feed berries.)
  4. Avatars on the Gym flickering between partially transparent (particularly headgear - lots of baldspots!) and solid while feeding berries remotely
  5. Long lag times between closing a screen (Pokestop, Gym, Post-catch screen, etc.) and the rest of the map populating (I thought I was soft-banned at least twice yesterday when I caught a Pokémon or spun a stop, then there was nothing on the general screen for 3-4 minutes)
  6. “Flickering” Pokémon, Gyms and Pokestops on the general screen (All the pokemon/ pokestops/ gyms vanish then respawn multiple times in a short period of time before stabilizing)
  7. More consistent “Raid Screen” glitches (where the Gym interaction screen comes back during the Raid, so you’ve got the “Add/Battle” button, the Info button, the Gym Icon, etc. on the Raid screen; this has happened to me in 3 of the 4 raids I’ve done since the update)

Normally I notice one or two bugs, but how many I’ve seemed to run into since the update was forced is just wild. Nothing is game-breaking, but some are rather annoying. Like potentially losing 4-5 minutes on a Lure/Incense/Lucky Egg/Star Piece/etc. or having a Pokémon despawn due to the game lagging, or not knowing that a raid is going on nearby so I miss out on a raid I might have wanted to do, etc.

Anyone else noticing more bugs and glitches than normal after this update?