Update added a new Startup Screen with the Kindred Ties units (spoilers)

Looks like they avoided sticking solely to FEH OCs. Might be due to feedback from last time…

So, who do you think each of these characters will be like? I’m personally wagering Water/Wind Sword Chrom, Wind/Light Staff Peony, and Fire Wand Tiki…


When they said “Showcases” I would assume this is the 1st Set. I wonder if there will be another Set with 3 more FE characters.

I want Alfonse’s Sister. LOL, the free unit.

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This tweet said that three new characters would appear in summon showcases, so people were thinking they would be split two in one banner and the last one in the second part. I would love if this was like the first three and then other three would come but i highly doubt it.

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It is confirmed now. Part 1 Chrom and Peony. Part 2 Tiki.


Weapon types also got revealed. If you look at the enemy types and the models they reveal both.
Sharena - Light Spear
Peony - Light Wand
Chrom - Fire Sword
Tiki - Water Dagger + Unique Shapeshift mechanic

Also it’s revealed the antagonist we’re getting is Thorr.


Cygames, you had one job…


Looked at Chrom and Peony’s kits…

and I’m glad they gave them unique co-abilities (especially Chrom; he and my Naveed could be in a team at the same time). Well, I guess I’ll go for both!

Am I missing something or is Peony’s +20% light damage coability insane?

Like normal blades are considered to have one of the best coabilities giving +10% strength, and it’s double that. And that strength stacks additively with other sources of strength and doesn’t usually translate into an actual 10% damage increase, so in practice it’s more than double that…

No you’re not missing something. It’s a Co-ability that buffs Light Damage by 20%.

Thing is, from my perspective, it’s not buffing Strength, it’s buffing the damage dealt. To some people that’s really good, but I’d prefer making the base stat stronger. Not to mention she’s sharing the focus with Chrom, which will only make things harder when it comes to pulls

Dragalia isn’t like FEH where the chance is split between them. Focus adventurers are always 0.5% and focus dragons are always 0.8% so it makes no difference.

1st banner: 0.5% Marth, 0.5% Fjorm, 0.5% Veronica, 2.5% off-focus 5*
2nd banner: 0.5% Chrom, 0.5% Peony, 3% off-focus 5*
3rd banner: 0.5% Tiki, 3.5% off-focus 5*