Update for "In the Mind of Idunn"

I finished her analysis today, so there is nothing that will hold me back to release it at Halloween. I hope you are excited.

Izukas analysis will come at some point in the future. I can’t say when, but it will definitely come at some point. I think i am going to surprise you with it, but i will see when i can get it out.

If you have any questions, you can ask me anytime like usual.


Oh darn it, I missed In the Mind of Raven :eirikabulli:

Sounds good.

Do you need the download link? Everyone thinks it is the best one so far, but sadly i got no feedback why.

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That’d be much appreciated :popcorrin:

I’ll be delighted to provide some myself.


here we go, i hope it works.

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Yup, done, thanks :flaynsmile:

I’ll report back once I read it, assuming I don’t forget.

No problem. It is long read, so take your time.

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Why noone mention me :tooobin:

Jk, I’m definitely looking forward to it but take your time I cam wait :bylethsmile:


Very. Can’t wait to read up on this inferior Dragon.




(I’ll pretend I didn’t see the comment that’s two above this one, “absolutely disgusting”)

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