Update for "In The Mind of L'Arachel" and some more Updates what is coming in the next days

As maybe some of you noticed, i was really inactive here lately, but in fact i wasn’t. I simply never wrote something, because i was busy with work in the last weeks. Then their were other factors like some games i wanted to play and other stuff. I am always watching, so you do not need to ask me, if I am gone.

Anyway to other important things: The next “In the Mind of” should release soon. Should is the right word here.
I am really behind shedule and need to pull myself together to finish the analysis until next week, because my next project starts then. In fact i have not done much at all, so bear with me, if her analysis should release a bit later. I am pretty busy with work and stuff, and it holds me back a bit.

Another thing that i want to tell you is, as you all should know, we are nearing christmas. As i already told all of you, i wanted to do something big for christmas. Tomorrow you are all getting more input on this topic, so stay excited, because it will be different.

Lastly some of you asked me for advice if it comes to writing. First of, i am pretty surprised that everyone thinks that i am nearly perfect at writing. I think, that i have to learn a think or two myself, but i appreciated the trust you are putting into me and i am not going to disappoint you all. If you need advice, you can contact me anytime. I will gladly help you with your writing.

I hope you all did quiet well in the weeks I was more passive than active. If you have some questions, go for it.


Not everyone :ferdbirb:

Don’t feel pressured to finish it quickly, take all the time you need. Good luck with your projects and such.

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Having Dark Pit as a profile picture is never a good sign.

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He’s the good sign. :feh_royyes: