Update for the next "In the Mind of" and our Halloween Special this year

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good time since my last update?
I think a few months passed since my last update so I wanted to give a little update on my current situation. I was really busy with work and other stuff, but now I have more freetime to work on more “In the Mind of” and I am going to do so. For our next analysis about Zeke & Tatiana, I can’t release it at the moment, because I am missing key parts of the analysis. Until I got everything to finally release it I do not want to let you wait any longer, because Halloween is approaching and a new villain arises, that want I to take a deeper look into (No, it is not Izuka. I am saving him for a special event or his release). I am going to reveal next week who this character is, but for now I want to just show you a little picture, maybe you can guess who it will be?

As you might expect, as with Idunn two years ago (time flies right?) this analysis will release on 31.10. and will, as already mention, feature a villain of an early Fire Emblem title. In addition this will be the first analysis to contain some new things I want to try out. As always your feedback is appreciated if you like those new things or not, but I do not want to spoil too much for now.

I already decided who the next character will be for November, but December is free right now. I want to look at an female character again, but I can’t decide who it will be. Maybe I am going to finally take a look at an Heroes OC?

If you have any questions regarding anything you can use this thread.





I’m trying to work on it. Giving myself a deadline of next week, I swear I’m going to finish it


Take your time^^
It is ok if you need more time. I am already good to go with our next analsis and I am going to definitely make it until 31.10.
I think the others can wait for it, because the next analysis will be interesting. At least something no one would have seen coming.
By the way is your profile picture the cat from Professor Banner from Yugioh GX?


Thanks :feh_hridexcited:

And yes, I’m the cat lol


How is he named in english? In german he is called “Pharaoh”.


Yeah his name is Pharaoh in English as well


Hello, it’s been some time, I’m not around really often like before, but I just came to post an update on the Sara appreciation post and noticed this thread among my list of new threads so I thought I’d drop by before leaving again.
It’s nice to see your work still going on and that you’re doing well, I look forward to the next release.

I’m going to take a wild guess, Ymir perhaps? Or maybe Garret. :thinking:

For some reason, Ymir first came to mind when I saw the picture, I think it’s because of the portrait I remember from FE12:
Otherwise, I’m not sure, it reminds me of dwarves in The Battle for Wesnoth, though they don’t really dual-wield axes.