Update silhouette servants with 4 new servants


Hmmm… So only the big lancer (Percival?) and the other dude left? And no Fairy Lancelot or Oberon in the silhouttes…

To be fair, they didn’t add big chungus Gawain or the Guitar Hero Artoria. So… They could still happen.

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Ah yeah, I’m sure they will add them on the next banners. I’m curious about the criteria behind the choice of the silhouettes, it seems all over the place…


Huh, so out of the 10 silhouettes, 3 were the faces of separate events (Caren, Crane, Galatea), at least 3 (4 if counting big knight) come from LB6, and 2 came from Little Tengu. The skew towards LB6 is pretty understandable imo since it is a pretty anticipated story chapter, though I wonder who the heck is the final silhouette and where will he/she (you never know) come from?

So the only one is the one to the left and carries a chain? :fgo_gudako:

It probably won’t be part 2 of LB6 since there’s Oberon, Percival and 4 other silhouettes who doesn’t fit this servants size. (Like a fairy, dwarf, elf and so on) .

I was going to say the servant will popup after summer but given how all the servants we see now popped up before summer, I’m guessing that this servant will too. (Otherwise I would’ve guessed around Halloween time)

It’s weird how they included Fairy Tristan but not Fairy Gawain in this, they said this covered only the first half of the year right?

Assuming Percival comes with the 2nd LB6 banner i wonder if the one on the right is either a LB6 servant too or something else, i doubt it’ll be the anniversary servant but who knows.

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People were speculating Sir Kay, from that and the animated preview.

Could be but isn’t Sir Kay supposed to look different?

the only shot we have of him is from case files, I think
which largely matches, with some slight changes to the armor design you can attribute to artist difference
as a bonus I screenshotted who I think he is in the animated preview (lostbelt part 2 promo/preview? not 100% sure)

the sword/spear thing definitely matches the silhouette image.


We might get Case Files rerun too. And the silhouette does resemble Melvin, even if he is an odd choice.

I think it’s Percival

Londinium: Ruins, but occupied by rebels calling themselves the Round Table Army. Led by a human who appears to be Percival

It could be but where does the chain come into play?