Updated Attackers Tier List infographic

What do the silver Pokeball icons for Salamence, Raikou, Alakazam and the Bug-types mean?

I know golden Pokeball icons mean the attacker is effective against the current tier 5 raid boss, but that is not the case for Salamence, Raikou and Alakazam.

Side question: How is Salamence with Outrage a tier over Dragonite and Garchomp with the same moveset?

Obviously Salamence has a higher attack value, considering how wacky people get for 15a…Salamence with outrage is better than the two dragons you mentioned, but not quite as good as Rayquaza.

I assume those are for 2nd string FOTM’s picks, which themselves tend to be 2nd string picks overall.

Salamence’s higher attack allows it to sometimes hit the same offensive Dragon Tail breakpoints as Rayquaza. Latios is an example of this. In these cases the two are nearly interchangeable, something Dragonite and Garchomp can’t say.

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I guess the silver ball means they have one Super Effective move against tier 5 raid boss. But these moves are not common. E.g salamence has bite as a dark type fast move, but people normally use it as a dragon type attacker. Also, these silver ball Pokemons only have one SE move instead of two. So I guess the author of this graph wanted to suggest players to use these silver ball Pokemons if they don’t have or are short of golden ball Pokemons. Even the DPS won’t be satisfied, silver ball Pokemons are still way much better than aggron, hahaha.

My understand of it was that silver icons meant they’re essentially “B-Class” attackers against the current legendary (Cresselia), as for instance, Alakazam can learn Psycho Cut and Shadow Ball, similar to Mewtwo, but this would only be used as a backup option. Similarly, Raikou can learn Shadow Ball, which deals very good damage, but due to a lack of STAB, and not having an extraordinary attack stat, coupled with only having Electric-type fast moves hold it back.

Bug-types deal decent super effective damage, however their moves only qualify them for being used in a backup team, or during rain, and Salamence’s ability to learn Bite makes it usable, but only partly compared to other options.