Updated GP Tier List: The Great Hans Debate

I haven’t noticed a topic on this yet, and there are a handful of changes:


I had assumed the only change was Kingprotea but it seems not.

3 of mah girls got increases in rank which is nice to see.

Btw, Beowulf is actually sneaky good now.

EDIT: It’s 2… why is Passionlip even mentioned if her placement is unchanged? Looks like a few mentioned are actually unchanged, I guess they are trying to counter the inevitable ‘why is x unchanged when they got improved?’


Ayy, now I have an excuse to raise him! * puts him at the back of the line *

Anyway, on topic, I didn’t really see anything objectionable. Then again, I only looked at tier changes of servants I have so maybe there was something and I didn’t notice.

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Kiara rises with every tier list update :fgo_kiarasmile:

Remember when they ranked her at the bottom?!

Anyway, agree with most of these. I think Hans is being undersold at the high end as a low-cost 6th support for crit teams, but I agree with most everything else here.


I don’t really have big issues with these.

Kiara finally got some respect for her utility!


I feel like B wouldn’t be unfair for Lancer Li. His damage ceiling is very impressive for his rarity.

On one hand, Shiki with no rank bump reee, on the other, she’s at peak already :fgo_shikideletethis:


Calling it now: Kiara makes it to tier A in time for LB15.5 :roll_eyes:

I’m actually not sure who I’m knocking with that comment


Well, there’s also Passion and Hans. Also, one Shiki did catch a bump (hint hint it’s the best one :) )

Oh idk why I assumed those two got bumped. I adited my post accordingly.

I did see Void tho, that bump makes sense

These all seem fine to me, although I do think that putting Hans in A alongside Saberlot would be better. Same number of stars, almost the same crit strength, and similar battery (Hans’ is per turn, but who’s using Saberlot’s NP on T1?). The trade-off is essentially Saberlot’s star weight, star bomb, and fairly poor damaging NP for Hans’ targetable buffs and pretty good support NP.

Kiara has a better placement, I’ll take it.




Hans is too squishy and RNG for my tastes, I think he’s okay where he is. Maybe I was just too blessed with an early Waver to ever give him much attention.

Also I’m not sure you can compare Servants’ tiers across rarities.

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Well given that the tierlist is now mixed rarity, and I’m also comparing upwards and saying equivalence, I think that’s fine. That argument would more likely support a decrease in Saberlot’s ranking.

As for stuff like Waver, yeah, he’s definitely better, but I highly doubt they’re planning on decreasing the rank of Spartacus when Altjuna comes out just because there’s someone else who now fills the role but better.

That’s literally the opposite of what I said.

I’ve definitely been learning to appreciate Hans recently, either having limited cost to work with or him providing an event bonus. He’s absolutely not better than Waver but that’s a high bar to pass and he fits in on crit teams (which I don’t have much experience with but his skills look really good for it).


Ah, were you saying that you just haven’t used him much? I thought you were saying that you didn’t rate him because Waver existed.

inexcusable, Hans is in B+ tier and this is a travesty in my completely unbiased opinion, you’re dumb and look like a shallot



thank you

I think that B may be a too high for Nero, C+ would be good on my opinion, not that i think that she is bad, is just that i think that the battery don’t make make her so much better to go up two tiers.
And i think that Hans should be higher because he is Hans and you all know how good he is for a free support servant.
That’s all i have to say, just my opinion about this