Updating an old unit

I recently decided to start updating some of my old +10s to give them some more modern skills. The first one I want to work on is my very first +10 unit: Sheena

Her build really hasn’t been updated a lot since 2018, with the last thing added being her refine. I’m OK with spending some premium fodder to update the build, but don’t have too much laying around. I have a couple saves I could fodder as well as some other stuff, but I’m not too sure how I should take her. I’m not looking for AR/arena optimizations since I don’t use her therr, but just something that fits her. Any advice would be appreciated!!


Slick fighter + steady breath seal = guard infliction, penalty negation, CD increase, guaranteed follow up, guaranteed Ignis activation (barring guard), all as long as you let the foe initiate. Nothing else to add, she’s solid as is.


Could make her Melee focus and Slap on CD4 + Near Save D/R But a +0 Gustav is 10x better than her to begin with


If you wanna do something funny, you can make her the budget, Near Save A!Fjorm. Slaying+guard in weapon, perfect for Pavise and Hardy fighter. Sadly, you’ll need to run QR seal or just stack stats to deal any sort of damage. Considering you have DC though, it’d kinda be a waste to melee specialize her that way (at least that’s how i’d feel with fodder like that). Probably Slick and steady as mentioned previously

I mean its not too hard to switch between skills these days, I switch between DC, CD4, and Sturdy Stance 3 on my B.Edelgard all the time