Updating AR-D Map. Suggestions are welcome

Greetings peeps, with Astra-Anima season ongoing, I figured now is the best time to make some changes in my Dark Defense Team. I run Cav Line on both seasons, with Astra being the more successful out of the two. I was curious if any of you peeps could make any changes with my current Light-Dark season map, units, or builds:

On water season, I replace my Claude with Legendary Leif:

Everything looks pretty good IMO, just gotta work on harsh command+. Maybe a bond instead of LnD on Sothis? It’s more expensive though, but it’s worth it if she still has trouble assassinating things.

This is probably a bad suggestion but… maybe a school instead of bolt tower? Flier school or infantry school probably hits most of what people use, but it could be fairly inconsistent. Been considering it for Ursula though… and early turn pressure is what the map is known for.

@Z3K I appreciate your suggestion. I may try to get Harsh Command+ via Divine Toilet Paper or from future New Hero banner, since I am low on orbs at the moment. I do have a couple of bond skills laying around as combat manuals, gonna decide on whether to give throne girl Atk/Def Bond or Atk/Spd Bond.

Oh and please ignore that frivoulous-looking Bolt Tower. It will be a bonus on the next season, so may as well not give my opponent the Offense Fort advantage.

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curious - why this terrain?

So, hmm, here’s my opinion (and ppl can disagree) :

  • Cav line is not that great once you unlock your 2nd defensiv mythic heroe :feh_edelsmug:
    (the reason about that, is that we don’t have any Range Cav D-Mythic yet, and it’s all about having 5 Range Cav pressuring the whole ennemy team, including the squishy, in the Desert Map. 1 less range cav, means 1 more space to save the squishy).

If that’s what you really wanna do: :

  • I would consider WoM on Yune, despite loosing Sabotage Res 3.

  • I would place Veronica (or Nanna) above the bolt trap.
    So that if foe walk into the bolt trap, she gets damaged. And then, when she initiates, she doesn’t die of retaliation (unless Null-C), meaning Yuna/Sothis will be able to WoM her.

  • I don’t know if you can afford it, but ATK/SPD Push 4 would be much better for Veronica.
    Especially since she’s +SPD you lucky b! :feh_annawink: i envy you

  • Quickened pulse SS on Sothis for instant [Sirius], you can give Hardy Bearing to Yune instead.

If you do wanna try something else :

  • Traps on the danger zone (flying balls i think it’s called) , can be very effective and surprisingly deadly.
    Abusing Air Order [or/and] Flying formation for a Flying team, and Ground Order for others teams. Flying Formation is kind of an accessible fodder, but it’s B slot.

  • Lunge Trap : An unit with Lunge that swap his target into a Bolt Trap, and in range of more strong nuke unit.

  • Lunge-Galeforce (doesn’t excluse Lunge Trap) : A tanky unit like Eliwood that can Galeforce into Foe’s backline. It has counterplay (Pulse’s smoke), but it’s still very strong.
    It does work with Tibbarn aswell if you prefer a beast ATK-focused unit (as long as he transforms obviously)

  • Seliph as frontline, with DC, vengeance and quick riposte : Most units cannot 1 Turn Seliph because of his refine, so it can be very annoying to deal with.

  • Infantry Pulse Team : Probably one of the best C slot to be used in AR-D (along with Air Order/Ground Order), since visible buffs can be panicked and in-combat buffs requires proper positionning which the IA … randomly provides.
    Instant high cooldown special can be difficult to deal with, and a mage(/dragons ?) with Blazing Wind/Fire/Thunder/Light destroys B!Ike.

  • 2 Dancer : Despite Mila being a thing, or should i say, especially since Mila is a thing, having 2 Dancer is effective. Regardless of Mila, it’s harder to predict for foes, and since most team will have max 1 Mila, it’s consistent.

  • Stall in 2 Corner of Lava Map : I know that it’s a thing, but i don’t know much about it, so i’d rather let others ppl talk about it.

I believe as long as you have fun trying stuff in your AR-D, trying to improve it, testing it yourself / asking ppl to test it, it will get stronger :feh_bylethsmile:

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@ erkhul Spring Breeze is pretty much standard, mainly due to the choke point in the far right corner. Yet I’ve seen some great use of Lava Floes and Bright Grassland.

No backrow catapult?

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Not sure you want a catapult in a Cav Line. :feh_genny_mug:
Your goal is to asphyxiate foes, if you destroy one of their defensiv structure, you give them space.

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You definitely still want it. Keep in mind, the attacker won’t have their building destroyed until the enemy phase starts. So the attacker won’t have access to that space anyway on turn 1, which is where cav lines apply the most pressure.


hmm, yeah you’re right. ~

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  • WoM seems to be a fair replacement for Yune. My upgraded shrines, max upgraded panic manor, along with Yune’s Chaos Manifest could take care with the debuffs. I’m gonna wait a bit since ran out of Cains for my WoM fodder.

  • I tend to shuffle the traps on the bottom right to left side around during new seasons, so I think I will try to swap positions with my cav healers along with the traps

  • I use Veronica in my cav line since I don’t have another fully +10 merged cav healer, yet I do have a +1 Priscilla that I am in the middle of working on. I don’t have an Atk/Spd Push 4 or even Atk/Spd Solo fodder at the moment. Probably gonna wait it out until a Push banner or any banner that has Atk/Spd Push 4 fodder is released.

  • Reasonable, considering that my Yune possesses the range and sturdy impact to potentially take care of vantage sweepers and omega tank Brave Ike

  • Don’t know about creating a flier ball team. They aged poorly thanks to the existence of Peony and Mila enabling hit and run strats. They could potentially rise back from the ashes if we have another Dark mythic flier that could work alongside Yune

  • I have never attempted to build a lunge trap build. I do have a +1 merged Tibarn with +Atk, so I may consider this one an option.

  • I actually do have a low to medium investment Infantry pulse team that is in rotation with my second cav line team in Astra season. I haven’t set up an Infantry Pulse team for Light season since most of my nukes were magic users and double Eirs are common. Though I have gotten lucky recently in summoning multiple copies of Legendary Alm and I also plan to include my Maiougi Dagger Sothe in that team comp too.

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I just saw something that might pick your interest ~
10min50s he talks about a new cav line comp (with Mirabilis+Thrasir).

I am way ahead of you. I was glad that I managed to summon Petra as one of my pity breakers for Ground Orders


I think you are weak on the left side of the map.
A F!Lyon can bait rally trap Thrasir on the left side and if he can’t kill her Nanna isn’t going to act (or maybe first Nanna and than Thrasir i dont know)
Mirabilis already act so no WOM
I find that Lif can work better against F!Lyon like a rally trap ruse

Edit: with Lif you’re going to have only Nanna that can attack on church tile (lower left), mhh i don’t know

Yeah but let’s be real, he’s weak on all sides to F!Lyon, the guy wrecks cavlines :feh_legion:

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Maybe it’s better having a cav unit that can attack without being killed by the enemy tank and get in WOM range and than getting danced to kill the support