Updating Duo Ephraim

Hi All

I was lucky enough to +10 a duo Ephraim as F2P (mostly, does the occasional FEH pass count?), and never veered from his base kit. I use him as a Galeforce unit in arena and he’s still functioning very well, but I’m wondering what updates he could use to his kit? Atk / Def menace seems like a strong choice to tie in with his weapons condition, and times pulse seems good for Galeforce, but are there any other good candidates?



It would help to know your Ephraim’s current build


Yeah, D!Ephraim is still a very solid unt. I recommend a Tempo skill, it’s great on him since his Galeforce can’t be stopped by Guard.

Atk Smoke 4 is also great on him. The debuffs help him win the Atk check, the folllow-up denial and Def/Res+6 make him quite tanky :feh_disgusting:


Here’s the current build for him, just the basekit really!

I hadn’t considered the tempo skill on him, seems good for Galeforce consistency. Attack smoke seems a good choice as well for securing further follow ups, but I guess the menace would help more in the first round of combat? Thanks for the tips!