Updating my Altina build, YAY or NAY



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Looks pretty solid! Although will she have any debuff support to help with the Catch?

I could also recommend double Brazen if you can manage it.


oh yeah Catch Skills have a 2nd effect too huh I forgot…
uh… Def Smoke?


That should work! It can help keep it consistently activated if she goes against an opponent under 100%.

The only hole I could think of with that is if an opponent she attacks survives and doesn’t get hit by Defense Smoke.

I’ll need to check, but if Panic by itself can activate a catch skill Panic Smoke could be a good (albeit expensive) idea.

Edit: Okay can confirm, Panic by itself can trigger Catch Skills!


I’d keep her native A skill just for the Iote’s Shield effect. +1 or 3 probably won’t make too big of a difference. Otherwise looks solid.


Thats also a good point… fuck thats exactly why I dont build many units I cant decide for shit :catlie:
Is it too meta, is it viable, does it look cool, did I actually put effort into making it etc. :catdestroy:


Well by the end, it all comes down to what activation requirements you want, since as Ani mentioned the stat difference is negligible.

Do you want a solo/dragon beast setup or Debuff support?

And I guess it also comes down to if you want Iote’s Shield or not


IMO I would hold off on pulling the trigger on that fodder for a little while

She’s an early Mythic and will probably get a Remix within the next 6 months or so. Wouldn’t want to fodder that Catch only for Ashera’s Chosen II to shit all over it


Altina is still good, but I would give her atk/def rein if you have it available.


W-wait, I thought you switched Ashera’s Chosen out so that using Joint Drive Atk isn’t as annoying without allied dragons or beasts…

But it really looks like you put some thought into making a stronger vantage Altina build. Not bad.


I’ve always thought that Guard Bearing is an excelent choice for Altina. If she survives the first hit she quad attacks in retaliation with QR.

Joint drive atk is definitely a great skill on her.

I think her native skill is pretty much optimal on her, so she has iotes, and it’s still a slightly better A/D solo.

Honestly if you have A/D rein, that’s her best c skill. Joint drive atk is decent, but a rein is better.

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