Updating the app (android)


Hi! So i’ve been mainly playing on an ios device but lately i just switched to android.
i have downloaded the app from apk pure .So my question is how do you guys update the app via apkpure(is there no risk to loose the account when doing so ?) ?
Do you just downloaded again or is there a way to update it and thanks
ps:of course i habe binded my account but i don’t want any unnecessary risk


No risk at all, just manually update via apkpure every-time a new app version is released. I’ve been doing that for almost 2 years.


HI !Thanks for the quick answer .Just to be sure how do i manually update it ?(first time with apkpure xD)


you just download the new apk and run it, it will ask to upgrade

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okay thanks a lot !


Just download the APK file, open it from your downloads section. Your mobile will give you a heads up and ask you if you want to update an existing application. It will explicitly state that no data will be lost. So, don’t worry and have fun playing FGO.

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I use QooApp cause it notify me when a new version of the app is out

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okay thank you :smiley:


okay thanks :smiley: